Dear ISEV Member,

Our organization is powered by ISEV members. Our leadership comprises volunteers who put time and energy into making ISEV a vibrant organization on the forefront of EV research.

ISEV is seeking applications from members for Officer Positions of the Board of Directors. These positions carry a two-year term* and require a commitment from the individual to attend regular meetings both virtually and in-person when applicable, and contribute at a high level between meetings including volunteering for projects and participating in discussions by email and via ISEV Connect. 

Officer Positions include:

  • President 2022-2024
  • NEW! President-Elect - *Per a recent change to the bylaws, this new position is a four-year term, serving as President-Elect from 2022-2024 and President from 2024-2026
  • Secretary-General
  • Treasurer
  • Executive Chair of Communications and Membership
  • Executive Chair of Science and Meetings
  • Executive Chair of Education

Prior to submitting an application, it is advised that you review the ISEV Bylaws, found here

While several of these positions are occupied by officers eligible for second terms, you may submit an application for any position. Applications for these positions will be open until 3 November 2021. After that time, the Board of Directors may ask the membership to participate in an advisory survey to gauge candidate support by the membership. 

If you have questions regarding this process please contact us at [email protected].

Submit an application - The submission period for applications has passed. 


ISEV Nominations Committee
Andrew Hill, PhD Immediate Past President
Clotilde Thery, PhD President
Edit Buzas, MD, PhD Secretary General
Cherie Blenkiron, PhD Board Member-at-Large
Marca Wauben, PhD Past Board Member