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2018 MAL Candidates
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Jaesung Park

Pohang University of Sceince and Technology (POSTECJ)

Associate Prof.

ISEV Chapter: Asia/Pacific

Vision Statement: I have engineering background, and advanced methods will contrubute to advances in extracellualr vesicle study as well. After two term, I wish to see myself as a technical expert in extracellular vesicle area.

Alissa Weaver

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


ISEV Chapter: Americas

Vision Statement: Serving already as a Member-a-Large has been a wonderful experience.  I have served on the Communications committee and participated in the meetings and retreats that help guide the society.  I would like to see ISEV be a stronger society with a greater reach into nations.  As a U.S. scientist, I would like to see ISEV connect better with the US scientific community which is a fast-growing community.  I would like to contribute to ISEV outreach and I think I might be particularly effective at doing that in the US, helping to connect ISEV not only to strong EV labs in the US but also to those in other areas that are becoming interested in EV research.  Of all the topics discussed at the last board retreat, I think Outreach is an area that I would be most interested in leading/being involved in.

Cherie Blenkiron

The University of Auckland

Senior Research Fellow

ISEV Chapter: Asia/Pacific

Vision Statement: My first ISEV annual meeting was in Rotterdam in 2014. There I experienced the enthusiasm of a developing research niche, people willing to share protocols and ideas for a technically challenging field. I have attended every annual meeting since, watching as the society has grown and matured in the same way as the EV topic itself. No longer an emerging field, EV research is mature and already influencing healthcare.  ISEV has provided me with confidence in my research topics, highlighting the importance of EVs in every organism and physiological state, even when our own studies on bacterial OMVs was challenging to publish! My varied research interests, from metastases to miRNAs, placenta to pathogens, fits well with the field as all methods for EV research are transferable. This transferable nature is attractive in a small country such as New Zealand, it offers me the opportunity to locally support EV research on the businesses most important to our economy, health research, viticulture and dairy. Over the course of the next two years, as well as supervising my own projects and students I will begin to support local and national EV infrastructure through our newly established Hub for Extracellular Vesicle Investigations.  Similarly I see ISEV developing from a society whose key role I felt was to predominantly raise awareness to a society that supports, standardizes and develops a now accepted research field. When science becomes the norm, standards and scrutiny into how projects are conducted can slip. An experienced researcher can also feel like they no longer need to upskill. So, going forward, I would like to see ISEV supporting new technologies for EV research to remain forward thinking, with accessibility of isolation and analysis platforms key for truly global uptake. (Thinking out loud, I wonder if a JEV special edition on developing technologies would be of interest?).

Lorraine O'Driscoll

Trinity College Dublin

Prof. in Pharmacology / Director of Research

ISEV Chapter: Europe

Vision Statement: My motivation is to contribute as asked from me.   I'm also very interested in building on the success of leading the [1]. H2020-funded COST Action ME-HaD (4.5 yr programme, with 360 members from 28 European countries and beyond) and [2]. approx. €4m H2020-MSCA-ITN to train 15 PhD students across Europe in this field.  I'm interested in working with other ISEV Board Members on more extensive international funded research collaborations, whenever possible.

Malene Møller Jørgensen

Aalborg University Hospital

Senior Scientist

ISEV Chapter: Europe

Vision Statement: I have many already well-established collaborations worldwide, which all have been initiated due to the ISEV annual meetings and the high scientific level presented. ISEV have since the beginning been a open-minded society where open discussions are welcomed. And that spirit I would like to help to continue and develop further. Personally and scientifically, I would like to be more involved internationally and as I will describe myself as good at organizing, I think a position as Member-at-large could make a effort of my skills. In a two-year term I still see ISEV as an open minded society despite its continuous increase of members. That will require a robust backbone (Board) to keep organizing annuals and other meetings with high scientific contents and still keep to spirit of the society.

Andreas Möller

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

Group Leader

ISEV Chapter: Asia/Pacific

Vision Statement: My vision as member-at-large of ISEV would be to promote the integrity of the field. Starting from the definition of the kind of EVs a publication is reporting on, their isolation strategy description to the application and reporting of the experiments (especially in my field of cancer exosomes), there is an urgent need to capture the information and suggest (to authors and journals) unified reporting structures. With these in place, a lot of the currently hard/impossible to reproduce data can be cleaned up and future data would be of much better quality.   So within the two year period, I would engage to further current ISEV supported approaches (including EVTrack) and suggest/implement novel policies and structures for authors and journals in the field.

Carolina Soekmadji

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

Senior Research Officer/Principal Investigator

ISEV Chapter: Asia/Pacific

Vision Statement: I think ISEV has been detrimental and committed to promoting good science. ISEV has been an open organisation that allows personal development, members are allowed to contribute in many ways (policy, scientific methods, etc.) and as such has the feeling of one big family with the same interests. I feel that by being a junior MaL in ISEV BoD has given me the most extensive opportunity to know the best people in the field and more importantly to get a mentoring to develop my career further. I would like to continue giving back to ISEV; I'd like to be able to support the organisation as much as possible and continue to grow with it.

Dolores Di Vizio

cedars-sinai medical center


ISEV Chapter: Americas

Vision Statement: At this point, I would like to dedicate my time and acquired expertise on the board to the Science and Meetings subcommittee. During my service, I have participated in the organization of the annual meeting for four years in a raw. I am also organizing a special cancer focused meeting that I will chair in 2019.  Having served in the communication committee will also be helpful because it will allow a better integration between the Communication and Science committees not only in the heavily active phase of the meeting organization but also at all other levels.    I can leverage this gained experience to help the committee organizing future meetings. I can offer, together with extensive experience in the ISEV board, the possibility to continue to expand our membership and attract outstanding scientists to the field. I can also continue to communicate the existence of ISEV and convey the importance of the scientific and educational guidelines provided by this society. Given my national and international visibility, and the number of collaborators I have world-wide, I firmly believe that I can spread and contribute to all scientific and educational initiatives of the society.

Rienk Nieuwland

Academic Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam

Head of Laboratory, Principal Investigator

ISEV Chapter: Europe

Vision Statement: Strengthen the collaboration with other non-profit national EV societies, and international scientific societies such as the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis and the International Society on Advancement of Cytometry (ISTH and ISAC, respectively).    There was and is an urgent need for standardization within EV research. Given my experience of leading the European Metrology project METVES and chairing a Scientific Standardization Committee (SSC) of the ISTH, I would like to be actively involved in developing and implementing a similar structure that fulfills the requirements of ISEV; for your information, within the ISTH, the SSCs were established before the ISTH was founded, and the SSCs have been a backbone for the entire ISTH ever since.

Hang Hubert Yin

Tsinghua University/University of Colorado Boulder


ISEV Chapter: Asia/Pacific

Vision Statement: The major reason for me to apply to a Member-at-Large position again is because I truly enjoyed my current term since 2016 and believe that I could contribute even more if I am granted another 2-year term. As a member of the Science and Meeting committee, I helped to organize 3 ISEV workshops and the 2018/2019 annual meetings, as well as to develop the SOPs, bridge interactions among different national committees in Asia, and establish the national committee in China. For a potential new term, I, firstly, see myself help to facilitate ISEV's growth in Asia and maintain our position in the US. My research focus will be moving more toward my group at Tsinghua Univeristy in Beijing, an emerging world class institution in China. Nonetheless, with about 20 years study/work experience in the USA, I hope that my new position in China will help ISEV to bridge these two important EV communities in these geographical areas. I will work on expanding our visibility by helping organizing the 2019 Kyoto meeting, publicizing JEV, and advocating the future ISEV events in both Asia and USA. Secondary, I see much outreach and partnership opportunities between ISEV with various industrial and technological firms. With my personal experience in entrepreneur  development and to work with biotech and pharmaceutical companies, I hope to facilitate further collaboration in the future. Finally, I truly enjoyed working with colleagues at the Science and Meeting Committee. I would be thrilled if I could contribute to further the legacy of previous,current, and upcoming S&M committees, potentially seeking to make more impact by serving ISEV as an officer when I accumulate more experience in this area in two years. By then, I would have adequate experience with ISEV meeting organizing from A to Z and with coordinating with other committees within the ISEV board. Again, to this organization, I have made a strong commitment to serve and will certainly do my best.

Olga Volpert

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Associate Professor

ISEV Chapter: Americas

Vision Statement: I would like to participate in shaping future research related to the role of extracellular vesicles as modulators of immune responses. As an ISEV member I would like to contribute to the development and increase of international reputation of JEV, potentially joining an editorial board or contributing review and position papers. I consider recent intiative at the NIH to standardize exosome preparation, characterization and use, of highest priority and would like to extend our efforts in that direction. Another critical issue is the development of standardized functional assays for characterization of exosomes and other extracellular vesicles. Finally, the ability to trace the endogenous exosomes, their originated destination is still in its infancy. In the next few years I envision revolutionary new tools that would allow tracing of endogenous exosomes from the tissue of origin to their destination and evaluation of their functional effects. This will require collaboration of scientists at all levels, including generation of novel genetic models and as well as bioengineering tools. Such collaborative efforts can only be possible in the framework of worldwide organizations, such as ISEV, which could foster interactions and encourage infrastructure necessary for such collegial efforts.

Muthuvel Jayachandran

Mayo Clinic Rochester

Associate Professor

ISEV Chapter: Americas

Vision Statement: For more than 10 years, I have been the one here with interest in studying the pathophysiological function of blood-borne microvesicles in cardiovascular risk populations and experimental animals at Mayo Clinic. Now several investigators from Mayo Clinic are studying the role of extracellular vesicles (EVs) on various disease processes with/without my active collaboration. We published several manuscripts and abstracts about the pathophysiological function of blood- and urine-borne EVs in cardiovascular, kidney, and brain pathophysiological processes in various journals and at national/international scientific meetings. I received “The Best oral presentation Award” from the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles in 2013 and “First Place in Clinical and Translational Research Award” from Women’s Health 2014 Annual Congress. We were awarded several grants to study the pathophysiological functions of EVs from the various foundations and NIH. I have been an active member of ISEV and an Editorial board member of the Journal of Extracellular Vesicles. I would be very happy to serve as an ISEV Member at large to cultivate ISEV more by participating in various EV educational and society activities.

Lei Zheng

Nanfang hospital, Southern Medical University

Dean of Depart. Laboratory Medicine

ISEV Chapter: Asia/Pacific

Vision Statement: I am now the Member-at-Large since 2016. During the past two years, I have benefitted a lot from ISEV board member experience, which help me open my mind and outreach the outstanding scientists across the world. At the same time, as an MaL, I also try my best to contribute to the development of ISEV and promote the EV research in my country, China.  I enjoy the experience as the member of Science and meeting committee, I have participated the academic support in 2017 Toronto annual meeting, and will contribute to the further Barcelona and Japan annual meeting. I also have been appointed as the chairman of the 2018 ISEV Guangzhou Workshop. In 2017, I also established our own national Chinese Society for  Extracellular Vesicles.       If I have the second two-year Member-at-Large, I will be more adept at serving ISEV  at this position. And I will also spread the outreach of ISEV to China, even southeast Asia. I will also  be an experts in EV research under the support from ISEV and contribute greatly to the development of ISEV and CSEV.

Juan M Falcon-Perez

CIC bioGUNE, CIBERehd, IKERBASQUE, Bilbao, Spain

Principal Investigator

ISEV Chapter: Europe

Vision Statement: I would like to start a committee or subcommitee  named "Regulatory aspects of EVs" for diagnostics and therapeutics purposes, that will clearly show that ISEV put a lot of attention to this issue. The idea is to collect input from the different experts and agencies regarding the regulations that EVs need to fulfil for the diagnostic and therapeutics applications and markets. This will contribute to facilitate the clinical translation of EVs, and focus the research towards a clear end. After the two-year period, the aim will be to have this initiative firmly stabilised with the members and activities (meetings with agencies, specific workshops, some writing guidelines, etc).     In addition, I would like to continue my contribution in the preparation of Educational Material as I have been doing in the Educational Committee.

Michael Pfaffl

Technical University of Munich


ISEV Chapter: Europe

Vision Statement: I am willing to be active in the (1) JEV editorial board, with focus on RNA based methods and EVs in food and cross kingdom communication (2) organizing European and international workshops (3) and organizing an ISEV annual meeting in Munich at TUM (e.g.  2020 onwards)

Ana Claudia Torrecilhas


Adjunct Professor

ISEV Chapter: Americas

Vision Statement: I have applied to renew my role as a Members at large (Latin America). This because in the last 2 years that I participated in the ISEV board I had an extremely gratifying time. I learned how a society with global activities works and I became involved in the communication task force. I would like to continue as a Members at large because I consider myself highly motived to the ISEV goals and I consider myself a highly dedicated professional in the field. I also feel comfortable and competent to handle interactive and interdisciplinary collaborations and education activities for the development of projects in ISEV. In the next 2 years I would like to put into practice some suggestions to amplify the memberships, spread communication and education of EVs and organize workshops in around the world and finally to improve all EVs fields.