ISEV Special Awards

The ISEV Special Achievement Award is presented each year at the ISEV annual meeting for outstanding contributions to EV science and/or ISEV. Other special awards are conferred as seen fit by the ISEV board and annual meeting organizers.

ISEV is now collecting nominations for 2022 special awards. Nominations are being accepted through 28 March 2022.

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Special Achievement Awards

2013 -  Jan Lotvall for his service as the first ISEV President

2014 -  Clotilde Théry, Yong Song Gho, and Peter Quesenberry for their service as the first Editor-in-Chief team of Journal of Extracellular Vesicles (JEV)

2015 -  Xandra Breakefield for her discoveries in the area of cancer EVs and extracellular RNA

2016 -  Ermanno Bonucci and H. Clarke Anderson for their work on bone matrix EVs

2017 - Phil Stahl for his discoveries of exosome release pathways

2018 - Graça Raposo for her contributions to the science of EV biogenesis and immunology

2019 - Marca Wauben for recognition of her extraordinary service to EV science and to ISEV.
Takahiro Ochiya for his “sustained contributions in leading the field in cancer and RNA extracellular biology research and as a mentor to younger researchers.”

2020 -  Andrew Hill for his service as President of ISEV from 2016-2020
Edit Buzas for "major contributions to the EV field and to ISEV" including as Education Chair from 2016-2020

2021 - Kenneth Witwer for his major achievements in promoting rigor and standardization and for disseminating EV science, as chair of ISEV Science and Meetings, coordinator of MISEV 2018, and creator of the EVClub online.

Other Special Awards

2016 Lifetime Membership Awards to Jan Lotvall and Margareta Sjostrand
2016 Education Award Recipient: Cecilia Lässer for her coordination of the first MOOC
2020 Special Education Award: Carolina Soekmadji for her coordination of the second ISEV MOOC
2021 Early/Mid-Career Award: An Hendrix for major contributions to science, scientific rigor, and the EV community, including the EV-TRACK knowledgebase and EMBO course organization
2021 Special Translation Award: Johan Skog for development and commercialization of EV-based biomarker tests