ISEV2020 Annual Meeting
May 20-24  |  Philadelphia, PA  |  
Frequently Asked Questions (22 March 2020)

I am registered for ISEV2020 and would like to participate in the new virtual and in-person meetings. What do I have to do?
Nothing. Your registration will automatically transfer to the new offerings. Please wait to receive further communication from ISEV in this regard.

Will the rescheduled in-person meeting have the same scientific program as the originally scheduled meeting?
As much as possible, we will follow the original scientific program in the rescheduled meeting. Of course, some adjustments may be necessary.

My abstract was accepted for ISEV2020. Is this acceptance still valid for a rescheduled meeting?
Yes. As much as possible, we will follow the original scientific program in the rescheduled meeting.

I submitted a late-breaking abstract for ISEV2020 and have not heard back yet. Will my abstract still be reviewed? Scheduled?

Yes. You will be notified about the outcome for your abstract. If accepted, it will be scheduled in the postponed meeting.

It's possible that my abstract will have been published by the time the meeting is rescheduled. Must I withdraw it?
No, you may still present your work. In these circumstances, it is understandable that some published material may be presented because of the altered timelines.

My abstract was accepted for ISEV2020, but I withdrew it/did not register/cancelled because I could not attend in May. Can you re-instate my abstract if I can attend the rescheduled meeting?

Yes. A communication will be sent to all abstract presenters to attend the rescheduled meeting in the coming weeks. If you still have questions, please reach out to

I did not think I could attend ISEV2020, but if the meeting is rescheduled, I would like to attend. Is there a possibility for new registrations?

Yes. Details will be announced as soon as they are available.

I was not registered for ISEV2020, but I would be interested in a virtual meeting component. Can I register just for digital content?

Yes. We will offer a digital pass for virtual content. Details will be announced shortly.

I did not submit an abstract to ISEV2020 because of the COVID-19 situation or a scheduling conflict. Will it be possible to submit an abstract to the rescheduled meeting?

Yes, in all likelihood, there will be a new late breaking abstract submission period. Please stay tuned for details.

I registered for ISEV2020 in May, but I do not think I can attend a rescheduled event. What is the registration refund policy?

We are working on a fair refund policy and will announce the details as soon as possible.

What if the rescheduled meeting also becomes unfeasible?

In this case, the ISEV Board will prepare new options based on the prevailing situation at that time.

Will the rescheduled in-person meeting have a virtual component?

Possibly. We are looking into options and will share any decisions shortly.

NOTE 1: A decision has not been made regarding the recipients of the Young Investigator Scholarships for ISEV2020 yet. ISEV2020 organizers will communicate to the recipients regarding their scholarship status soon. The recipients will be given an opportunity to present their abstracts and/or retain the scholarships in the rescheduled meeting.


NOTE 2: Recipients for the New Categories of ISEV2020 Scholarships have not yet been decided yet. We will be in touch with the applicants regarding the status of their application as soon as we can. All applicants will be given an opportunity to present their abstracts and be considered for a scholarship in the rescheduled meeting.


If you have a question that is not covered here, please email us at .

Thank you!