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New to ISEV2020:

Current EVents Breakout Sessions

Do you want to convene a group and discuss an exciting new or neglected topic that is not on the ISEV2020 program? Do you want to connect with EV researcher from your part of the world? Do you want to discuss new research ideas that could advise funding bodies on possible ideas for funding initiatives? Do you have another idea for a networking event?

NEW:  Live networking sessions on topics not included in the program can be discussed using a video enabled platform at ISEV2020 called Current EVents.

How do I propose a session?

If you want to form a Current EVent session, please fill out this form and we will provide for you a scheduled time and ZOOM address. For advance sessions please complete this form by Friday 10 July. Preference will be given to Current EVents that are proposed in advance of the meeting, but slots may continue to be available during the meeting depending on demand.

Proposed topics/sessions will be rapidly reviewed by the organizing committee of the ISEV2020. One-hour slots will be made available in advance of the meeting for Current EVent sessions, on Tue, July 21st (8AM to 12PM EST), Wed July 22nd (7AM to 10AM), and Thurs July 23rd (12PM to 9PM).

Thank you for considering this exciting new networking option!

Current EVents Schedule

Thursday 23 July

11:00am-1:00pm Eastern Daylight Time

Emerging Trends in EV Research in HIV, NeuroAIDS &  Drug Abuse 

About ISEV2020

The ISEV2020 Annual Meeting will bring together over 1,200 extracellular vesicle researchers from around the world! This event will feature scientific sessions, poster & paper sessions, and opportunities for networking.


Event Details

When: July 20-22, 2020 | Where: VIRTUAL!

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