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Join us at ISEV2017's Meet the Expert Sessions!  Below is the preliminary list of our Meet the Expert Sessions that will occur throughout the meeting.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Session I: EV-mediated functional delivery of protein and nucleic acids

Speakers: Janusz Rak and Raghu Kalluri

Moderator: Lucia Languino


Session II:  EV lipids and lipidomics 

Speakers: Hang Hubert Yin and Alicia Llorente

Moderator: Yong Song Gho


Session III: Rigor and reproducibility in EV analyses

Speakers:  An Hendrix and Andreas Moller

Moderator: Chris Gardiner


Saturday, 20 May 2017

Session IV: In vivo imaging-based analysis of EV-biological activity

Speakers: Takahiro Ochiya and Charles Lai

Moderator: Eva-Maria Albers


Session V: Vesicular and non-vesicular pathways of extracellular RNA release

Speakers: Alissa Weaver and Muneesh Tewari

Moderator: Esther Nolte-t Hoen


Session VI: EV-mediated parasite-host interactions 

Speakers: Rodrigo Soares and Martin Olivier

Moderator: Ana Claudia Torrecilhas

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Experts Meet Sessions

Session I: Workshop on exRNA biology and the analytical methods organized by the ERCC, NIH

Moderator: Louise Laurent

Session II: EV-Track Workshop

Moderator:An Hendrix

Session III: Demonstration Workshop Data Analysis with FunRich

Moderator: Suresh Mathivanan


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