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Plenary Speakers

ISEV2017 is excited to announce our Plenary Speakers.  Please click here to view our plenary speakers.



The ISEV2017 Final Program is available for viewing and download here.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017 - Pre-Meeting Education Day


The Pre-meeting Education Day is a successful tradition of the annual ISEV meetings. Focusing on particular topics within the extracellular vesicle field, select experts provide deep insight into certain basic aspects of extracellular vesicles. These educational presentations collectively illuminate burning questions and provide a comprehensive insight into the topic.

Parallel Sessions

-Education Day First Sessions – Biology and Technology

-Education Day Second Sessions – Extracellular Vesicles in Health and Disease

-Satellite Session - "Emerging Trends in HIV, NeuroAIDS, Drug Abuse & EVs" - Chairs: Drs. Shilpa Buch and Fatah Kashanchi

Click HERE to see the full Education Day and HIV Session Program!


Thursday, 18 May 2017

8:00 – 9:00am


8:30 – 9:00am

Welcome Coffee

9:00 – 9:20am

Opening Sessions (Room 1 Metropolitan Ballroom - West)

The Exosome Paradigm of Intercellular Communication

Speaker: Philip Stahl, PhD

9:30 – 10:30am

Plenary Session 1 –Extracellular Vesicles in Pathology of Complex Tissues

Chairs: Andrew Hill, PhD; Susmita Sahoo, PhD




Non-coding RNA and Microvesicles in Cardiovascular Homeostasis and Disease

Speaker: Thomas Thum, MD, PhD


The Role of Exosomes in Planar Cell Polarity in Pathological Cell Migration

Speaker: Jeffrey Wrana, PhD

10:30 – 11:00am

Networking Break and Exhbits

11:00 – 12:30pm

Symposium Session 1

Symposium Session 2

Symposium Session 3

Therapeutic Applications of EVs

Platelets, Coagulation, and Inflammation

EVs in Neurologic Diseases

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Chairs: Peter Quesenberry and Jan Lotvall

Chairs: Eric Boilard and Rienk Nieuwland

Chairs: Lynn Pulliam and Laura Vella



Therapeutic potential for Spodoptera-derived microvesicle delivery of the membrane transport proteins cystinosin, sialin and CFTR. Speaker: Jess Thoene

Extracellular vesicles from activated platelets: a quantitative cryo-electron microscopy and immuno-gold labeling study. Speaker: Alain R. Brisson

Microglia release distinct extracellular vesicle populations in response to different pathological stimuli. Speaker: Metka Lenassi



Exosome-mediated delivery of CFTR protein to human bronchial epithelia as a novel therapeutic strategy to treat Cystic Fibrosis. Speaker: Inna Uliyakina

Morphological pathways involved in the release of extracellular vesicles from TRAP-activated platelets. Speaker: Oumsalama K. Elhelu

Serum miRNA exosomal biomarkers associated with Alzheimer’s disease are also detected in brain derived exosomes from Alzheimer’s human post-mortem tissue. Speaker: Lesley Cheng



Bio-inspired synthetic exosomes carrying microRNA let-7b for post-ischemic vascular regeneration. Speaker: Sezin Aday

Salivary EV: A new link between platelets and coagulation. Speaker: Yuanjie Yu

Neurons Export Extracellular Vesicles Enriched in Molecular Chaperones and Misfolded Proteins. Speaker: Janice Braun



Scalable, cGMP-compatible purification of EV enriched with heterodimeric interleukin-15. Speaker: Dionysios C. Watson

Pregnancy-associated circulating extracellular vesicles induce different phenotype changes in monocyte and trophoblast cell lines. Speaker: Árpád Ferenc Kovács

Exosomal microRNAs in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with genetic frontotemporal dementia in the Genetic Frontotemporal dementia Initiative – a biomarker study. Speaker: Raphael Schneider



Exosome-SIRPalpha, a CD47 blockade increases cancer cell phagocytosis. Speaker: Yoosoo Yang

Interaction of microvesicles with immune cells in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated whole blood. Speaker: Rene Weiss



Novel therapeutic strategies against cancer metastasis by targeting extracellular vesicles by specific antibodies. Speaker: Nao Nishida-Aoki

Lymph as a vector of microparticles during rheumatoid arthritis. Speaker: Nicolas Tessandier

Neuronal Exophers: a novel large vesicle that functions in the removal of neurotoxic cytoplasm components. Speaker: Ilija Melentijevic

12:30 – 1:30pm


1:30 – 2:15pm

Symposium Session 4

Symposium Session 5

Symposium Session 6

EV Biogenesis

EVs in Tumor Biology

EVs in Inflammatory Diseases

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West 

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Chairs: Matias Ostrowski and Crislyn D'Souza-Schorey

Chairs: Michael Freeman and Carolina Soekmadji

Chairs: Edit Buzas and Rienk Nieuwland



Terminal complement components are critical in the release of cellular RNA in circulation. Speaker: Virginia Camacho

NAPG can regulate tumor-specific EV secretion. Speaker: Yusuke Yoshioka

Annexin-A5 is Targeted by Heme during Hemolysis and Fails to Block Externalized Phosphatidylserine in Extracellular Vesicles during Sickle Cell Disease. Speaker: Sihem Sadoudi



Physical coherence and network analysis reveals NEDD4 as novel regulator of exosomal biogenesis. Speaker: Sushma Anand

Intercellular communication between melanoma and stroma cells induce PD-1 overexpression and tumor progression. Speaker:  Krisztina Buzas 

Impact of aging on plasma extracellular vesicle concentration, protein profile and internalization by leukocytes. Speaker: Nicole Noren Hooten



The EBV LMP1 interactome contains ESCRT-dependent and independent extracellular vesicle sorting proteins. Speaker: David Meckes

Zebrafish: a new animal model to study tumor EVs in vivo. Speaker: Vincent Hyenne

Age-related changes in miRNA expression profiles in extracellular vesicles in the murine post traumatic OA model. Speaker: Ok Hee Jeon

2:15 – 3:00pm

Oral with Poster Session 1

Oral with Poster Session 2

Oral with Poster Session 3

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Chairs: Thomas Kislinger

Chairs: Uta Erdbruegger

Chairs: Eric Boilard



Amoeboid cancer cells shed extracellular vesicles enriched with nuclear derived material. Speaker: Mariana Reis Sobreiro

Protective role of extracellular vesicles in diabetic microangiopathy. Speaker: Chiara Gai

Cryogenic-temperature electron microscopy imaging of extracellular vesicles shedding. Speaker: Naama Koifman



Extracellular vesicles derived from cancer-associated fibroblasts may have a role in oral cancer invasion. Speaker: Mauricio R. Dourado

In vivo analysis of the potential of exosomes isolated from menstrual blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells in regeneration of insulin-producing cells in diabetic type 1 animal model. Speaker: Elahe Mahdipour

Easy extracellular vesicle detection on a surface-functionalized power-free microchip. Speaker: Ryo Ishihara



Exosomes secreted by Insulin-secreting cells and human islets under stress conditions reveal an altered microRNA profile: Implications for Monitoring Islet transplantation.   Speaker:  Marta Garcia-Contreras

Stroke extracellular vesicles express inflammatory markers and induce macrophage activation. Speaker: Yvonne Couch

Sweating the small stuff: Extracellular vesicles from sweat. Speaker: Prateek Singh



Pancreatic cancer ExoNet. Speaker: Carolina de Freitas Ruivo

Proteomic profiling reveal Src as a novel microvesicle-associated biomarker for myocardial infarction. Speaker: Olof Gidlöf

Monitoring standardised treatment efficacy of multiple sclerosis in molecular level. Speaker: Saeideh Ebrahimkhani



Enzymatic exosomes with GPI-anchored hyaluronidase for enhanced tumor penetration and anti-tumor efficacy. Speaker: Yeon-Sun Hong

 Cross talk between monocyte and endothelial cells via inflammatory extracellular vesicles in cardiovascular disease. Speaker: Baharak Hosseinkhani

Metastic efficiency is dependent on cell volume loss due to extracellular vesicle release during cancer cell extravasation. Speaker: Yohan Kim

     Mesenchymal stem cell derived exosomes mediate neurovascular protection. Speaker: Johnathon Anderson
Exosomes secreted by Insulin-secreting cells and human islets under stress conditions reveal an altered microRNA profile: Implications for Monitoring Islet transplantation.   Speaker:  Marta Garcia-Contreras  Exosomal microRNA signatures in multiple sclerosis reflect disease status.  Speaker: Saeideh Ebrahimkhani

3:00 – 3:30pm

Networking Break and Exhibits

3:30 – 5:15pm

Symposium Session 7

Symposium Session 8

Symposium Session 9

Emerging Technologies in EV Characterization

EV Interactions with Cellular Targets

EV-Mediated Communication in Cancer I

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Chairs: Hubert Yin and John Nolan

Chairs: Dolores Di Vizio and Janusz Rak

Chairs: Peter Kurre and Olga Volpert


 Biotech Sponsored Session 1


Human Adipose Stem Cells Originated Exosomes Improving Survival Rate of Rats with Acute Liver Failure Probably by Releasing lncRNA H19. Speaker: Yinpeng Jin HER2-targeted drug-resistance is associated with immune evasion in cancer cells and their derived extracellular vesicles. Speaker: Lorraine O'Driscoll



Flow cytometric analysis of extracellular vesicle subsets in body fluids: impact of coincidence and swarm by particles of non-interest. Speaker: Sten F.W.M. Libregts

Inspired by nature: Characterization of mechanisms of extracellular vesicle uptake. Speaker: Pieter Vader

Intercellular communication mediated by exosomes as a new therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer. Speaker: Nuno Bastos



Confounding factors in extracellular vesicle ultrafiltration and protein analysis. Speaker: Glenn Vergauwen

Live imaging and biodistribution of 89Zr-labeled extracellular vesicles in rodents following intravenous, intraperitoneal, intrathecal, and intra-cisterna magna administration. Speaker: Nikki Ross

Exosomes from bovine milk reduce the tumour burden and attenuates cancer cachexia. Speaker: Suresh Mathivanan



RNA profiling limits for nanoFACS-sorted extracellular vesicles. Speaker: Aizea Morales-Kastresana

Determining the fate of extracellular vesicles in C. elegans: trafficking of the released organelle, the post-mitotic midbody. Speaker: Gholamreza Fazeli

Oligodendroglioma cells communicate with neighboring tumour and normal neural cells via extracellular vesicles. Speaker: Lata H. Adnani



Morphological plasticity of EVs – do some EVs have motility? Speaker: Aleksander Cvjetkovic

Arginine-rich cell-penetrating peptide-modified extracellular vesicles for improved intracellular drug delivery. Speaker: Ikuhiko Nakase

HOTAIR affects bladder cancer epithelial-to-mesenchyme transition through both the Canonical WNT-pathway and extracellular vesicles. Speaker: Carla Beckham



Microflow cytometry: The Apogee A50 is a sensitive standard tool for extracellular vesicle analyses in liquid biopsies. Speaker: Desmond Pink

Surface glycosylation of extracellular vesicles and implications on their interaction with target cells. Speaker: Joana Gomes

Oncolytic adenoviruses encapsulated into the extracellular vesicles as carriers for targeted drug delivery. Speaker: Mariangela Garofalo



Shotgun proteomic analysis of plasma-derived extracellular vesicles isolated by novel Vn96 peptide, size exclusion chromatography and centrifugation demonstrates the possibility of isolating distinct vesicle subpopulations. Speaker: Shona Pedersen

The Amnis imaging stream flow cytometer platform allows discrimination of different vesicles types in mesenchymal stem cell-derived supernatants. Speaker: Bernd Giebel

TGFBR2-dependent alterations of exosomal cargo and functions in DNA mismatch repair-deficient colorectal cancers. Speaker: Fabia Fricke

5:15 – 6:30pm

Poster Session T01 - From Biogenesis to Targeting

Poster Session T02 - EV Isolation

Poster Session T03 - EVs in Tissue Protection and Repair

Poster Session T04 - EVs in Cancer Therapy and Drug Resistance

Poster Session T05 - Novel Developments in EV Characterization

Poster Session T06 - Non-Cancer EV Biomarkers

Poster Session T07 - EV Proteomics and Lipidomics

Poster Session T08 - EVs in Viral and Bacterial Infections

Poster Session T09 - EVs in Diseases of the Central Nervous System

Poster Session T10 - EVs in Tumor Metastasis and Angiogenesis

Poster Session T11 - EVs and the Immune System

6:30 - 8:00pm

Satellite EVent (Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West)

Meet the National and International Societies: This event will provide an opportunity for scientific networks and consortia focusing on extracellular vesicles to introduce themselves to the ISEV community.

Friday, 19 May 2017


Meet the Experts Session 1

Meet the Experts Session 2

Meet the Experts Session 3

EV-Mediated Functional Delivery of Protein and Nucleic Acids

EV Lipids and Lipidomics

Rigor and Reproducibility in EV Analysis

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Chair: Lucia Languino

Chair: Yong Song Gho

Chair: Chris Gardiner

Speakers: Janusz Rak and Raghu Kalluri

Speakers: Hang Hubert Yin and Alicia Llorente

Speakers: An Hendrix and Andreas Moller

9:00 – 10:00am

Symposium Session 10

Symposium Session 11

Symposium Session 12

Novel Developments in EV Isolation

EVs in Tumor Metastasis

EVs in Viral Infections

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West 

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Chairs: Alain Brisson and Dylan Burger

Chairs: Lei Zheng and Yves DeClerck

Chairs: Marc-Andre Langlois and Caroline Gilbert



Speaker Cancellation

Oncosomes as a novel liquid biopsy biomarker for quantifying metastatic cancer dynamics in real-time. Speaker: Hon Leong

Communication via extracellular vesicles enhances viral infection of a cosmopolitan alga. Speaker: Daniella Schatz



Sequential size exclusion chromatography and density gradient separation of human circulating extracellular vesicles from lipoproteins. Speaker: Cecilia Lasser

Malignant extracellular vesicles carrying MMP1 mRNA facilitate peritoneal dissemination in ovarian cancer. Speaker: Akira Yokoi

Apoptotic bodies – a novel Trojan horse for Influenza A Virus. Speaker: Georgia Atkin-Smith



Isolating neuronal exosomes using cell-type specific protein markers. Speaker: Emma J. K. Kowal

Cancer stem cell exosomal tetraspanins network regulate pancreatic cancer metastasis. Speaker: Shijing Yue

Extracellular vesicles released by HIV-infected CD4+ T cells promote the secretion of proinflammatory cytokines by uninfected bystander lymphocytes: Role of Hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha. Speaker: Matias Ostrowski



Liquid biopsy on a chip: Isolation of exosomes and detection of surface biomarkers for early diagnosis of cancer. Speaker: Navneet Dogra

Comprehensive EV proteomics revealed EV-driven intercellular communications in gastric cancer microenvironment and macroenvironment. Speaker: Koji Ueda

Extracellular vesicles carry HIV Env and facilitate HIV infection of human lymphoid tissue. Speaker: Leonid Margolis

10:00 – 10:30am

Networking Break and Exhibits

10:30 – 11:30am

Plenary Session 2 – Plasma Membrane and Cellular Vesicles (Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West)

Chairs: Xandra Breakefield; Alissa Weaver



Pathways and Mechanisms of Extracellular Vesicle Formation

Speaker: Clotilde Thery, PhD


Mechanisms and Functions of Lysosome Positioning

Speaker: Juan Bonifacino, PhD

11:30 – 12:30pm

Featured Abstracts

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West 



Chairs: Xandra Breakefield and Alissa Weaver

   11:30-11:45 Real-time quantification of multivesicular body-plasma membrane fusion reveals modulation of exosome release by G protein-coupled receptor signaling. Speaker: Maarten Bebelman



Analysis of tumor-infiltrating innate immune cells after uptake of glioblastoma-derived extracellular vesicles in vivo. Speaker: Erik R. Abels



Impaired angiogenesis and cancer metastasis by exosomes in Tspan8 deficient mice. Speaker: Shijing Yue



Presence of glypican-1 on extracellular vesicles fails to discern pancreatic cancer from benign pancreatic diseases. Speaker: Fabrice Lucien

12:30 – 1:30pm


1:30 – 3:00pm

Symposium Session 13

Symposium Session 14

Symposium Session 15

Novel Technologies in EV Characterization

EVs in Cardiovascular Disorders

EV RNAs as Cancer Biomarkers

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West 

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Chairs: Joanne Lannigan and Rienk Nieuwland

Chairs: Chantal Boulanger and Mike Davis

Chairs: Andrew Hill and Kendall Jensen



Extracellular vesicles isolated in evaporating droplets. Speaker: Hwapyeong Jeong

The pericardial fluid exosomes as new cell-to-cell communicators worsening ischaemic heart disease in diabetes. Speaker: Costanza Emanueli

miR-145 in urinary extracellular vesicles as biomarkers for prostate cancer. Speaker: Lei Zheng



Evaluating Extracellular Vesicles Using an Imaging Flow Cytometer.  Speaker:  Joanne Lannigan

Endothelial cell-derived extracellular vesicles in acute myocardial infarction. Speaker: Naveed Akbar

Novel platform for extracellular vesicle mRNA characterization and mutation detection in cancer patient blood. Speaker: Zhaogang Yang



Time-resolved surface enhanced raman spectroscopy for characterizing extracellular vesicles. Speaker: Tatu Rojalin

Hypoxic pre-conditioning on human CD34+ stem cells enhances exosome therapeutics of ischemic tissue repair through ETS-1-regulated pathway. Speaker: Yaxuan Liang

Extracellular RNA is promising biomarker for eary detection of cancers. Speaker: Hidetoshi Tahara



Raman spectroscopy for the label-free identification of the source-related biochemical fingerprint of extracellular vesicles. Speaker: Alice Gualerzi

Circulating exosomes correlate with metabolic syndrome severity and evoke changes of mitochondrial dynamic which are associated with endothelial dysfunction. Speaker: Ramaroson Andriantsitohaina

Extracellular vesicle mRNA and miRNA characterization in ovarian cancer ascites and peritoneal fluid. Speaker: Cindy Yamamoto



EV-TRACK: Transparent reporting and centralizing knowledge in extracellular vesicle research. Speaker: Jan Van Deun

Fibronectin regulates exosome secretion by human vascular smooth muscle cells. Speaker: Alexander N. Kapustin

Characterization of exosomes and exosomal circular RNA from pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma carcinoma cell lines. Speaker: Jessica Kalra



Size and concentration determination of extracellular vesicles as small as 50 nm in diameter at a rate beyond 10,000 EV/s. Speaker: Jean-Luc Fraikin

Mesenchymal stem cells and their secreted exosomes exert therapeutic effects in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Speaker: Chaya Brodie

Speaker Cancellation

3:00 – 3:30pm

Networking Break and Exhibits

3:30 – 5:15pm

Symposium Session 16

Symposium Session 17

Symposium Session 18

EV Omics

EVs in Tissue Repair and Inflammation

Biogenesis: EVs and Viruses

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West 

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Chairs: Juan Falcon-Perez and Suresh Mathivanan

Chairs: Chris Gardiner and Shilpa Buch

Chairs: Leonid Margolis and Jennifer Jones

  3:30-3:45 Extracellular vesicles containing Chs3 and Fks1 rescue cell wall defective yeast and protect from antifungal agents. Speaker: Kening Zhao  The role of platelet-derived extracellular vesicles in the GPIb-dependent adhesion of monocytes in models of thrombro-inflammation.  Speaker: Aigli Evryviadou
Host exosomes released during infection with Rift Valley fever virus play a protective role by destroying the virus cell reservoirs. Speaker: Ramin Hakami



Differences and similarities in full-length and fragmented non-coding RNA biotypes in EV from differentially stimulated dendritic cells. Speaker: Tom A.P. Driedonks

Osteoblast-derived extracellular vesicles represent a novel and highly potent method for stimulating bone formation. Speaker: Owen Gareth Davies

Virosomes: The interplay between viral infection and exosome production. Speaker: Fatah Kashanchi



CD63, MHC class 1, and CD47 identify subsets of extracellular vesicles containing distinct populations of micro-RNA. Speaker: Sukhbir Kaur

Myofibroblast-derived extracellular vesicles promote epithelial cell senescence in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Speaker: Tsukasa Kadota

Attempts to re-define cellular components specifically incorporated in HIV as compared to sEVs and exosomes secreted by infected cells. Speaker: Lorena Martin-Jaular



miRNAs enclosed in small extracellular vesicles are selectively secreted and retained in cellular senescence and modulate keratinocyte functionality. Speaker: Lucia Terlecki Zaniewicz

Intranasal A1-exosomes decrease inflammation and preserve neurogenesis in the hippocampus as well as prevent memory dysfunction after status epilepticus. Speaker: Ashok K. Shetty

Picornavirus infection induces the release of distinct EV populations containing infectious virus and altered host-derived contents. Speaker: Susanne G. van der Grein



Molecular lipidomics of urinary exosomes: Can molecular lipid species serve as cancer biomarkers? Speaker: Alicia Llorente

PDGF enhances the pro-regenerative properties of EVs released form adipose stem cells. Speaker: Tatiana Lopatina

Extracellular vesicle cargo delivery through membrane fusion : Regulation by factors that promote and restrict enveloped virus – cell entry. Speaker: Michael Hantak



Mining the new human reference interactome to investigate interaction-mediated protein sorting into extracellular vesicles. Speaker: Dae-Kyum Kim

VEGF-induced damage of glomerular endothelial cells in Alport syndrome: Effect of amniotic fluid stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles. Speaker: Benedetta Bussolati

Extracellular vesicles and lipoproteins influence cellular response to HIV-1 Infection. Speaker: Lisa Learman



In-depth proteomics of cancer-associated fibroblasts secretome and role of exosomes in tongue cancer progression. Speaker: Simona Principe

Mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes promote neurologic recovery in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis model of multiple sclerosis.  Speaker: Milad Riasifar

5:15 – 6:30pm

Poster Session F01 - EV-Based Cancer Biomarkers

Poster Session F02 - EV Isolation: Developments

Poster Session F03 - Bodyfluid Biomarkers of Cancer

Poster Session F04 - EVs in the Tumor Microenvironment

Poster Session F05 - Inflammatory Disorders, Tissue Injury, and Coagulation

Poster Session F06 - EVs and Stem Cells I

Poster Session F07 - EVs in the Central Nervous System

Poster Session F08 - Intercellular and Inter-Organismal Crosstalk

Poster Session F09 - EVs in Parasitic Diseases

Poster Session F10 - EVs as Mediators of Cancer Cell Signaling

Poster Session F11 - Cell and Tissue Remodeling and Repair

Poster Session F12 - Inflammation and the Immune System


Satellite EVent (Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West)

6:30 – 8:00pm

ISEV-ISAC-ISTH Workshop: This satellite event will provide insight into the scientific interaction of three big international societies, and will also give opportunity for young researchers to present the first results of this collaboration.

Saturday, 20 May 2017


Meet the Experts Session 4

Meet the Experts Session 5

Meet the Experts Session 6

In Vivo Imaging-based Analysis of EV-biological Activity

Vesicular and Non-vesicular Pathways of Extracellular RNA Release

EV-mediated Parasite-host Interactions

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West 

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Chair: Eva-Maria Albers

Chair: Esther Nolte-t Hoen

Chair: Ana Claudia Torrecilhas

Speakers: Takahiro Ochiya and Charles Lai

Speakers: Alissa Weaver and Muneesh Tewari

Speakers: Rodrigo Soares and Martin Oliver

9:00 – 10:00am

Symposium Session 19

Symposium Session 20

Symposium Session 21

EVs in Tumor Immunity and Angiogenesis

EVs in Stem Cell and Cardiovascular Biology

Milk EVs

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Chairs: Carol Parent and Janusz Rak

Chairs: Costanza Emanueli and Uta Erdbruegger

Chairs: Martinjn van Herwijnen and Patrick Provost



Release of endothelial cell-associated VEGFR2 during TGF-beta modulated angiogenesis in vitro. Speaker: Alicia M. Viloria-Petit

Exosomes as a vector for Wnt7a systemic treatment in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Speaker: Uxia Gurriaran

Milk exosomes enhance anti-proliferative and anti-cancer activities of berry anthocyanidins against multiple human cancers. Speaker: Ramesh C. Gupta



Mutant p53 cancers reprogram tumor associated macrophages via exosomal miR-1246. Speaker: Tomer Cooks

Angiogenic mechanisms of human CD34+ stem cell exosomes in the repair of ischemic heart. Speaker: Yaxuan Liang

Characterization of extracellular vesicles with milk fat globule membrane-like properties that carry most microRNAs in commercial dairy cow milk. Speaker: Benmoussa Abderrahim



Determining the role of key regulators of apoptotic cell disassembly in cell clearance. Speaker: Rochelle Tixeira

The role of exosomes in mesenchymal stem cell mediated enhancement of cardiac contractility. Speaker: Joshua Mayourian

Tracing cellular origin of human exosomes using multiplex proximity extension assay. Speaker: Susanne Gabrielsson



Proteomic analysis of exosomes derived from serum and cells in non–small cell lung cancer. Speaker: Lei Zheng

Exosomes and microparticles released by mesenchymal stem cells exert a chondroprotective effect in osteoarthritis. Speaker: Daniele Noel

Biological activities of extracellular vesicles and their cargos from bovine milk in non-bovine species. Speaker: Janos Zempleni

10:00 – 10:30am

Networking Break and Exhibits

10:30 – 11:30am

Plenary Session 3 – From Extracellular Vesicles to Coordinated Behaviour of Cellular Populations (Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West)

Moderators: Marca Wauben; Ken Witwer



Malaria Parasites regulate secretion of exosomes carrying distinct cargo

Speaker:  Neta Regev-Rudzki, PhD

Novel Role of Quorum Sensing-regulated Extracellular Vesicles in Intercellular Movement and Virulence in the Plant Pathogenic Bacterium Xylella Fastidiosa

Speaker: Steven Lindow, PhD

11:30 – 12:30pm

ISEV General Assembly (Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West)

12:30 – 1:30pm


JEV Editorial Board Meeting

1:30 – 3:00pm

Symposium Session 22

Symposium Session 23

Symposium Session 24

EV-Mediated Communication Between Host and Microorganisms

EV-Based Cancer Biomarkers

EV Functions in Inflammation

Room:  Harbour Ballroom

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West 

Room:  Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Chairs: Patricia Xander and Ana Claudia Torrecilhas

Chairs: Aled Clayton and Lorraine O'Driscoll

Chairs: Saara Laitinen and Takahiro Ochiya



The role of extracellular vesicles (MalaEx) from the commensal yeast Malassezia sympodialis in atopic eczema. Speaker: Helen Vallhov

A novel biochip for capture and characterization of extracellular vesicle subgroups in cancer patient plasma. Speaker: Kwang J. Kwak

Extracellular vesicles from adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells promote autophagy in human osteoarthritic chondrocytes. Speaker: Miguel Tofiño-Vian



Vesicle-mediated cross-species RNA interference between the gastrointestinal nematode Heligmosomoides polygyrus and its mouse host. Speaker: Amy H. Buck

Circulating microparticles as predictive biomarkers of severe complications of radiotherapy for prostate adenocarcinoma. Speaker: Alexandre Ribault

Therapeutic control of systemic inflammation & atherosclerosis with apoe-polarized macrophage exosomes. Speaker: Robert Raffai



Membrane vesicles from Piscirickettsia salmonis induce protective immunity and reduced disease development in an adult zebrafish model. Speaker: Julia Tandberg

Using machine learning of extracellular vesicle flow cytometry to build predictive fingerprints for prostate cancer diagnosis. Speaker: Robert Paproski

Apoptotic-cell derived extracellular vesicles are rich in enzymatically-derived active lipid mediators and can modulate immune responses. Speaker: Ivana Milic



Extracellular vesicles released by m. tuberculosis-infected macrophages contain mycobacterial RNAs and induce Type I interferon expression in uninfected cells. Speaker: Yong Cheng

TGFβ3 expression level in extracellular vesicles present in the plasma of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma is a marker for treatment response. Speaker: Dorival Mendes Rodrigues

Speaker Cancellation



Regulation of mycobacterium tuberculosis membrane vesicle biogenesis by host-derived stress. Speaker: Pamela A. Wearsch

EV-associated MMP9 in high grade serous ovarian cancer is preferentially localized to Annexin V-binding EVs. Speaker: Agnes T. Reiner

Chondrocytes derived from mesenchymal stem cells differentiated in the presence of plasma-derived extracellular vesicles from osteoarthritic patients express disease-related genes. Speaker: Bartijn Pieters



Dysregulation of nutritional immunity during respiratory virus infection enhances pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm growth. Speaker: Jennifer Bomberger

Proteome-wide profiling of viable tissue-derived extracellular vesicles for development of early diagnostic biomarkers for colorectal cancer. Speaker: Satoshi Muraoka

Speaker Cancellation

3:00 – 3:30pm

Networking Break and Exhibits

3:30 – 5:15pm

Symposium Session 25

Symposium Session 26

Symposium Session 27

EV-Mediated Communication in Cancer II

EVs as Epigenetic Regulators

EVs in Cancer Progression and Therapy

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West 

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Chairs: Louise Laurent and Dave Carter

Chairs: Hidetoshi Tahara and Marca Wauben

Chairs: Andries Zijlstra and Peter Quesenberry

   3:30-3:45 Circulating tumor-associated microopharticles in hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma. Speaker:  Sabine Urban On-disc isolation and analysis of extracellular vesicles from biological samples. Speaker: Vijaya Sunkara Ghost nanovesicles for targeted delivery of chemotherapeutics. Speaker: Gyeongyun Go
   3:45-4:00 Pre-metastatic cancer exosomes induce immune surveillance by patrolling monocytes at the pre-metastatic niche. Speaker: Michael Plebanek
High resolution size exclusion chromatography allows detailed study of exosome heterogeneity. Speaker: Eduard Willms Idiotypic-specific peptides as tool for tumor progression monitoring via tumor-derived exosomes targeting. Speaker: Enrico Iaccino
   4:00-4:15 An extracellular vesicle blood fingerprint distringuishes between patients with indolent and agressive prostate cancer at diagnosis.  Speaker:  John Lewis EVQuant: Combined quantification and phenotypic analysis of individual extracellular vesicles in experimental and clinical samples. Speaker: Thomas Hartjes

Effect of stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles on tumor angiogenesis.  Speaker: Bendetta Bussolati

   4:15-4:30 Molecular subtypes of glioma stem cells as determinants of tumour vesiculome and extracellular vesicle mediated intercellular communication. Speaker: Cristiana Spinelli High sensitivity, quantitative epitope analysis of plasma EVs by flow cytometry. Speaker: Jennifer Jones Identification of cancer-derived large oncosomes in urine samples of prostate cancer patients. Speaker: Tatyana Vagner



Insights into the mechanisms of neratinib-resistance: investigating a possible role for extracellular vesicles in HER2-overexpressing breast cancer. Speaker: Michelle C. Lowry

Extracellular vesicle and miRNA profiling of the primate cervicovaginal compartment reveal possible anti-HIV defenses. Speaker: Zezhou Zhao

RAB7 and prion protein modulate the secretion of extracellular vesicles and show a prognostic value in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Speaker: Vilma Regina Martins



The role of extracellular vesicle transfer in the heterogeneity of glioblastoma. Speaker: Agnieszka Bronisz

Inflammatory glia alter synapse stability via the transfer of extracellular vesicle-associated miRNAs. Speaker: Ilaria Prada

Epigenetic dysregulation of hematopoietic stem cell function by extracellular vesicle (ev) trafficking in the leukemia microenvironment. Speaker: Sherif Abdelhamed



Adipose tissue endothelial cell derived microparticles are a potential link between obesity and prostate cancer. Speaker: Anca D. Dobrian

Stressing out the neighbors: Stressed exosomes (“sexosomes”?) passage stress phenotypes to recipient cells. Speaker: Michael W. Graner

Acute myeloid leukemia transforms the bone marrow niche into a leukemia-permissive microenvironment through exosome secretion. Speaker: Ching-Cheng Chen

5:15 – 6:30pm

Poster Session S1 - EVs and Stem Cells II

Poster Session S2 - EVs for Therapeutic Applications

Poster Session S3 - EVs in Biofluids

Poster Session S4 - Isolation, Characterization, and Detection of EVs

Poster Session S5 - EVs in Cardiovascular Disease

Poster Session S6 - EVs in Cancer Biology and Progression

Poster Session S7 - Cancer

Poster Session S8 - Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites

Industry Poster Session


Networking EVent - The ISEV2017 Networking EVent provides a great opportunity to meet the leaders and young researchers in the field of Extracellular Vesicles while both strengthening existing and initiating new collaborations. Expand your circle of colleagues and discover the latest news and insights into the research of your peers!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

7:45 – 8:45am

Experts Workshop Session 1

Experts Workshop Session 2

Experts Workshop Session 3

Workshop on exRNA Biology and the Analytical Methods

Organized by ERCC, NIH


Demonstration Workshop Data Analysis with FunRich

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West 

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Moderator: Louise Laurent

Moderator: An Hendrix; Kenneth Witwer

Moderator: Suresh Mathivanan; Martijn JC. van Herwinen

9:00 – 10:00am

Symposium 28 - EVs in Cardiovascular Disease and Vascular Disorders

Symposium Session 29 - EVs in Immune System and Inflammation

Symposium Session 30 - Novel Developments in EV Biogenesis and Characterization

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West 

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - East

Room: Harbour Ballroom

Chairs: TBD and Jason Fish

Chairs: Eric Boilard and Clotilde Thery

Chairs: An Hendrix and Jeff Franklin



Synthetic stem cell microparticles for heart repair. Speaker: Ke Cheng

Exosomes as key regulators of signal relay during chemotaxis. Speaker: Carole Parent

Neutral sphingomyelinases control extracellular vesicles budding from the plasma membrane. Speaker: Julia Gross



Calpain carried by platelet-derived microparticles cleaves the protease-activated receptor 1 on endothelial cells and initiates vascular inflammation during diabetes. Speaker: Anastasia Kyselova

Anti-tumor effect of bacterial outer membrane vesicles mediated by interferon-γ. Speaker: Hyun Taek Park

Live-cell imaging for neural stem cells-derived exosomes during neurogenesis by exosomal microRNA using a microfluidic device. Speaker: Hyun Jeong Oh



Role of RBC-derived EVs in mediating intercellular communication in murine cardiovascular disease models. Speaker: Saumya Das

The particular pathology of systemic lupus erythematosus. Speaker: Niels Heegaard

Importance of choroid plexus-mediated extracellular vesicle secretion in the propagation of Alzheimer’s disease. Speaker: Roosmarijn Vandenbroucke



Extracellular vesicles released by induced pluripotent stem cells induce cardiac repair in a model of myocardial infarction/reperfusion. Speaker: Marta Adamiak

Presence of diabetes autoantigens in extracellular vesicles derived from human islets. Speaker: Craig Hasilo

Rapid isolation of extracellular vesicles using lipid nanoprobes for cancer diagnosis in NSCLC patients. Speaker: Siyang Zheng

10:00 – 10:30am

Networking Break and Exhibits

10:30 – 11:05am

Featured Abstracts

Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West 



Chairs: Andrew Hill, PhD; Susmita Sahoo, PhD




Milk-derived extracellular vesicles from non-allergic and allergic mothers differ in T cell modulatory capacity and have a distinct protein composition. Speaker: Martijn JC. van Herwijnen


Characterizing extracellular RNA inside and outside of vesicles. Speaker: Dmitry Ter-Ovanesyan

   11:00-11:15 Live tracking of endogenous exosome communication in vivo. Speaker: Frederik Verweij

11:05 – 11:35am

Wrap Up Sessions (Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West)


Speaker: Uta Erdbrugger


-Basic Science

Speaker: Eric Boilard

11:35 – 12:00pm

Scholarships, Outstanding Oral and Poster Awards, Featured Abstract Awards, and Closing Remarks (Room: Metropolitan Ballroom - West)

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