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ISEV2018 Junior Member Scholarship

We are excited to announce the ISEV2018 Junior Member Scholarship Winners!    



Ana Paula Dominguez Rubio ( Argentina) 

University of Buenos Aires

Abstract Title: Transcytosis of extracellular vesicles produced by Bacillus subtilis 168 in human intestinal Caco-2 cell monolayers

ISEV2018 Symposium Session 19 (OS19.01)


Charles Williams ( Spain )


Abstract Title: Exploring the role of exosomal surface glycans in cellular uptake


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 23 (OS23.02)


 Chungmin Han ( South Korea )


Abstract Title: Individual EV visualization using TIRF microscopy for EV subpopulation study


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 12 (OF12.06)


 Daniel Binzel ( USA )

Ohio State University

Abstract Title: RNA nanoparticle orientation to control ligand display on exosomes for cancer regression


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 24 (OS24.05)


Duarte Toubarro ( Portugal )

University of Azores

Abstract Title: Identification of exosomes in the infective stage of entomopathogenic nematodes


ISEV2018 Late Breaking Poster Session (LBS07.07)


 Edward Geeurickx ( Belgium )

Ghen University

Abstract Title: Recombinant extracellular vesicles: biological reference material to standardize extracellular vesicle research


ISEV2018 Featured Abstract (FA3.01)


 Emma Buzzard ( UK )

Nuffield Department of Women's and Reproductive Health, University of Oxford

Abstract Title: Menadione driven oxidative stress related microvesicle shedding associates with resilience to hypoxia in a neuronal ischaemia model

 ISEV2018 Symposium Featured Abstract (LB01.03)


 Frederik Verweij ( France )


Abstract Title: Live tracking of endogenous exosomes in vivo


ISEV2018 Featured Abstract (LB03.01)


 Gina Kusuma ( Australia )

Monash University, Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Abstract Title: Dynamic bioreactor systems for clinical scale production of human amnion epithelial cells-derived extracellular vesicles


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 24 (OS24.01)


 Golnaz Morad ( USA )

Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard University

Abstract Title: Breast cancer-derived extracellular vesicles modulate the activity of signaling pathways in the brain microenvironment


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 11 (OF11.01)


 Haifeng Zhang ( Canada )

University of British Columbia

Abstract Title: Oncogenes systematically reprogram the exosome biogenesis pathway to promote tumorigenesis


ISEV2018 Late Breaking Poster Session (LBS09.06)


 Henar Suarez ( Spain )

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Abstract Title: Membrane Metalloproteinases Regulation by Insertion into Microdomains and Extracellular Vesicles


ISEV2018 Late Breaking Poster Session (LBS09.05)



 Katherine Peng ( USA )

New York University Langone Medical Center

Abstract Title: Apolipoprotein E4 compromises brain exosome production and secretion


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 15 (OF15.03)


 Kerstin Miebach ( Germany )

Institute of Developmental Biology and Neurobiology Molecular Cell Biology

Abstract Title: Conditional deletion of Rab35 and Alix in mice to study exosomes in neuron-glia interaction in vivo


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 15 (OF15.04)


 Krizia Sagini ( Italy )

University of Perugia

Abstract Title: Extracellular vesicles from fibroblasts undergoing oncogene induced senescence are enriched in lysophosphatidic acid


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 21 (OS21.05)


 Kui Lin ( Singapore )

The University of Hong Kong

Abstract Title: Immunomodulatory function of human Mesenchymal Stromal Cells-derived Extracellular Vesicles on Type-I interferon response in human plasmacytoid dendritic cells and lupus murine pDCs


ISEV2018 Oral with Poster 1 (OWP1.01)


 Leonie de Rond ( The Netherlands )

Academic Medical Center / University of Amsterdam

Abstract Title: Comparison of generic fluorescent dyes for detection of extracellular vesicles by flow cytometry

ISEV2018 Oral with Poster 3 (OWP3.05)


 Mariangela Garofalo ( Finland )

University of Helsinki

Abstract Title: Synergistic effect of extracellular vesicles loaded with oncolytic viruses and paclitaxel for cancer drug delivery


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 3 (OT03.04)


 Mathilde Mathieu ( France )

Institute Curie

Abstract Title: Following the trafficking of extracellular vesicles markers to understand the biogenesis of different extracellular vesicles subtypes.


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 10 (OF10.01)


 Pankaj Deo ( Australia )

Monash University

Abstract Title: Extracellular vesicles secreted by bacteria induce host cell apoptosis


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 19 (OS19.03)


 Patricia Albuquerque ( Portugal )

Center for Neurosciences and Cell Biology (CNC/UC)

Abstract Title: Non-invasive brain delivery with hybrid extracellular vesicles (EVs) for therapy of Machado-Joseph disease (MJD)


ISEV2018 Featured Abstract Session 3 (FA3.05)


 Patricia Ozawa ( Brazil )

Universidade Federal do Paraná

Abstract Title: Tumorigenic capacity of exosomes isolated from TNBC cells


ISEV2018 Late Breaking Poster Session (LBT02.03)


 Randy Carney ( USA )

UC Davis

Abstract Title: Vibrational spectroscopy as a tool for fingerprinting tumor exosomes


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 12 (OF12.02)


 Trude Aspelin ( Norway )

Oslo University Hospital

Abstract Title: Level of extracellular vesicles, carrying the fibrinolytic activator tPA, is reduced in coronary venous blood during stimulation of cardiac sympathetic nerves in pigs


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 18 (OF18.04)


 Yumi Kawamura ( Japan )

National Cancer Center

Abstract Title: Extracellular vesicles mediate the horizontal transfer of an active LINE-1 retrotransposon


ISEV2018 Symposium Session 20 (OS20.02)


Chiara Ciardiello ( Italy )

Experimental Pharmacology Unit

Dept. of Research

I.N.T Fondazione G. Pascale IRCCS

Abstract Title: Paracrine mechanisms induced by large oncosomes spontaneously shed by aggressive cells to promote adhesion and invasion of prostate cancer via αv integrin-dependent activation of FAK-AKT pathway

ISEV2018 Symposium Session 11 - EVs and Metastatic Niches


Ganesh Shelke ( Sweden )

Krefting Research Centre

Abstract Title: TGF beta-1 on Extracellular Vesicle Surface : Scratching the surface for Orientation, Origin and Function

 ISEV2018 Symposium Session 23 - Mechanisms of EV Uptake and Biodistribution

Sara Rocha ( Portugal )

Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar | Universidade do Porto

Abstract Title: he impact of 3D cellular architecture in the microRNA and protein content of extracellular vesicles

 Symposium Session 20 - EVs as Shuttles of Genetic Material


Sergio Montaner Tarbes ( Spain )

Universitat de Lleida

Abstract Title: Targeted-pig trial on safety and immunogenicity of serum-derived exosomes obtained from Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive virus infections

Symposium Session 18 - EV-inspired Therapeutics in Veterinary Medicine

Sander Kooijmans ( Netherlands )

University Medical Center Utrecht
Division Laboratory and Pharmacy, Department of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology

 Abstract Title: Plug-and-play decoration of isolated EVs with nanobodies improves their cell-specific interactions

Symposium Session 23 - Mechanisms of EV Uptake and Biodistribution



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