ISEV Special Achievement Award
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ISEV Special Achievement Award

The ISEV Special Achievement Award is an annual international award of ISEV (first awarded in 2013) for outstanding contributions in the extracellular vesicle (EV)-field.


2013 - Recipient: Jan Lotvall for his service as the first ISEV President

2014 - Recipients: Clotilde Théry, Yong Song Gho, and Peter Quesenberry for their service as the first Editor-in-Chief team of Journal of Extracellular Vesicles (JEV)

2015 - Recipient: Xandra Breakefield for her discoveries in the area of cancer EVs and extracellular RNA

2016 - Recipients: Ermanno Bonucci and H. Clarke Anderson for their work on bone matrix EVs
Education Award Recipient: Cecilia Lässer for her coordination of the first MOOC

2017 - Recipient: Phil Stahl for his discoveries of exosome release pathways

2018 - Recipient: Graça Raposo for her contributions to the science of EV biogenesis and immunology

2019 - Recipient: Marca Wauben for recognition of her extraordinary service to EV science and to ISEV.
Recipient: Takahiro Ochiya for his “sustained contributions in leading the field in cancer and RNA extracellular biology research and as a mentor to younger researchers.”

2020 - Recipient: Andrew Hill for his service as President of ISEV from 2016-2020
Recipient: Edit Buzas for her service as Education Chair from 2016-2020

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Our Mission: Advancing extracellular vesicle research globally.

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