Task Force Proposals

ISEV task forces focus on specific topics with the goal of developing and publishing methods, reviews, statements, or other products that are helpful for the field.

To suggest a new task force, please follow this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/V77BV8C

You will be asked to propose the following:
- Topic and scope
- Chair(s): (usually one, max two); Chair becomes a member of the Rigor and Standardization committee
- Contributing members (max 30) with evidence of expertise and keeping geographic/subject/gender diversity in mind; non-ISEV members are encouraged with justification
- Timeline (1-2 yr): might be renewed but finite (not permanent bodies)
- Anticipated products

Applications will be reviewed at least twice a year by the R&S subcommittee. Not all will be approved. Committee or Board may make changes or suggestions.

What ISEV provides to task forces:
- Coordination of and between task forces, including a yearly meeting at the annual ISEV conference and three teleconferences per year
- Communication tools (teleconferences, web page)
- Potential endorsement and/or financial support of published products
- Guidance for engagement with other standardization committees, agencies, societies
- Visibility and transparency
- Possibility of organizing workshops/seminars/hands-on training sessions