Special Interest Group (SIG) on EVs in Nervous System (EViNS)


EViNS aims to provide an efficient and inclusive framework to promote knowledge exchange on the biology, function, and potential clinical application of EVs in the nervous system, which is necessary to address key challenges and to develop research excellence at the interface of EV research and neuroscience.

The prospective goal of EViNS is to foster the collective development of productive activities such as working groups and to build partnerships with societies for neuroscience and related fields as well. 

Chair Contact Info

Chair: Christian Neri (France) | Co-chairs: Eva-Maria Albers (Germany)| Tsuneya Ikezu (United States) | Andy Hill (Australia)


EViNS activities are supported by a core group of 21 leading experts in the field:

Shilpa Buch (USA), Luc Buée (France), Jason Howitt (Australia), Kendall Jensen (USA), Dimitrios Kapogiannis (USA), Efrat Levy (USA), Stephan Moma (Germany), Stefano Pluchino (UK), Juan Carlos Polanco (Australia), Julie Saugstad (USA), Randy Scheckman (USA), Anja Schneider (Germany), Jason Shepherd (USA), Mikael Simons (Germany), Rosmarin Vanderbrouke (Belgium), Guillaume Van Niel (France), Laura Vella (Australia), Claudia Verderio (Italy), David Walt (USA), Kenneth Witwer (USA), Yongjie Yang (USA)


If you are interested check the ISEV Special interest groups (SIGs) information page. To join, you must first be an ISEV member, and then you can login and complete the enrollment form.


In line with questions of specific interest identified in several meetings including the inaugural meeting of EVINS during ISEV2023 in Seattle, the SIG EViNS organizes the 1st symposium on the role of EVs in Nervous Systems, Rome (Italy), December 6-8 2023.

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