ISEV regularly produces intimately-sized workshops that aim to be more hands-on and interactive with attendees. 

Upcoming Workshops

The newly launching EV Track Task Force, falling under the oversight of the ISEV Rigor and Standardization Subcommittee, will hold an informational workshop on Wednesday 29 March from 400 - 630 pm CET. Find out more and register!

Recent Workshops

The QuantitatEVs Workshop took place in Trento & Milano, Italy from 31 January to 3 February 2023! Learn more.

The second Urine EV Task Force Virtual Symposium on Urinary Extracellular Vesicles took place 15-16 February 2023. Learn more.


Past Workshops

Event Name Event Location Event City Event Country Event Date
ISEV Research Seminar: EV-associated RNA: Is there a purpose? Botanical Gardens - Utrecht University   Netherlands 9/24/15
Cross-Organism Communication by Extracellular Vesicles: Hosts, Microbes, Parasites Golden Tulip Paulista Plaza-Alamdeda Santos Sao Paulo Brazil 11/24/16
Diet, Environment and Extracellular Vesicles   Melbourne Australia 1/27/17
2017 ISEV Workshop on Extracellular Vesicles as Biomarkers of Disease University of Birmingham Birmingham United Kingdom 12/13/17
2018 ISEV Membranes and EVs Workshop Johns Hopkins University Baltimore United States 3/24/18
ISEV 2018 Workshop in China Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China Guangzhou China 11/18/18
ISEV Workshop: Open, Reproducible and Standardized EV Research Ghent University Ghent Belgium 12/2/19
Workshop: EVs in Immunology National Academy of Medicine   United States 3/5/20
Workshop: EV imaging in vivo Institute of Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Paris Paris France 9/11/20
ISEV Infectious Diseases Meeting Virtual Meeting   United States 1/25/21
massivEVs Workshop Hotel Acquaviva del Garda Desenzano del Garda Italy/Virtually 10/28/21
Blood EVs: an ISEV Workshop   Helsinki Finland 9/1-2/22


Interested in Hosting a Workshop?

If you would like to host an ISEV workshop, please reach out to Metka Lenassi, Executive Chair of Science and Meetings, to further discuss your workshop concept.