Supporting Other Meetings

The ISEV Board of Directors accepts meeting-related requests from academic, government, and other not-for-profit entities for support and assistance including:

  • Programming assistance including suggesting prominent speakers to participate in an educational program*
  • Cross-advertising**
  • Financial support***
You can reach us at [email protected] with any requests.

Requests will not be considered:
  • If you represent a for-profit group
  • For an event to be held within one month of the ISEV annual meeting
  • For an event overlapping in dates with other announced ISEV events (except for EVClub)
  • For an event taking place within three months of your request
*For example, recommending ISEV board members and other experts who can speak at your meeting.
**Such as advertising on social media or the ISEV website, with agreed-upon reciprocity.
***Depending on available funds and review by the ISEV Board. Selection criteria include impact (size and reach of the proposed event), unmet needs (scientific, geographic and other diversity considerations), transparency (public access to products), and opportunity for new and long-term interactions.