ISEV Events

The International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV) supports and promotes knowledge dissemination, scientific progress, technological advancement, and discoveries application in the EV field by (co)organizing an annual meeting, specialized meetings, workshops, virtual events, and EVClub. Refer to the text below for more detailed description on different types of ISEV events, and information on how you can get involved as a volunteer or participant. We love to hear from the EV community!

ISEV is also committed to support any not-for-profit event that promotes basic, clinical, or translational research, facilitates discussions, or assists investigators in establishing a niche in the EV and extracellular biology fields. If you want to request an event to be added to the Calendar of Events, please email [email protected]. The ISEV Board of Directors also accepts other meeting-related support requests from academic, government, and other not-for-profit entities.

The scope of events listed below are overseen by the ISEV Science and Meetings Committee. We are tasked with making ISEV more inclusive and responsive to the local societies and the pre-arranged meeting dates. Thus, ISEV also offers opportunities to promote other not-for-profit EV-focused events including those organized by national EV societies and educational events.

View our calendar of events for many important activities in the field of EVs!

Calendar of Events



Annual Meeting

The ISEV Annual Meeting is the most highly anticipated annual major assembly of the global EV research community. The meeting location rotates between ISEV Chapters: Europe & Africa, Americas, and Asia & Pacific. It brings together over a thousand of the best and brightest basic, clinical, and translational EV researchers from institutions all around the world. The meeting covers a diverse range of innovative and interdisciplinary topics from the fundamental biology of EVs to state-of-the-art techniques and methods, and from the role of EVs in physiology and disease pathology to their potential as biomarkers and therapeutics. This annual in-person meeting features plenary talks, oral and poster sessions, satellite sessions & symposia, and the ISEV General Assembly. Also included are cutting-edge exhibitions and opportunities for networking with this diverse group of academic and industrial EV researchers and partners.

ISEV also hosts an Education Day which offers a well-rounded introduction to the foundational concepts and practices in EVs including: isolation and detection methods, characterization, and developments from basic science to clinical applications. Top experts in the EV field also share tips and tricks on how to address common experimental challenges of working with EVs. View past Education Day talks on YouTube.

Specialized Meetings

Specialized meetings on specific themes within or overlapping with the EV field are organized together with ISEV Special Interest Groups or other professional societies outside the EV field. These in-person or virtual meetings bring together a few hundred EV researchers from academic, clinical, or industrial background and feature plenary talks, oral and poster sessions, and ample networking opportunities.


ISEV also features several in-person workshops yearly, which are focused on themes within or overlapping with the EV field. The workshops are small meetings of approximately 40-50 participants that feature overview and short talks, but the major focus is on the roundtable discussions where burning questions & challenges relating to the state-of-the-art in the thematic field are discussed. Based on these discussions, products such as position papers, outreach strategies, regulation/policy strategies are developed. Registration fees are not charged, but all attendees are expected to be ISEV members, as potential access to Workshops is an ISEV member benefit. An Education Day (virtual and/or in person) on a selected theme can be organized in connection to the workshop for a wider audience. 

If you would like to host an ISEV workshop, please reach out to Metka Lenassi, Executive Chair of Science and Meetings, to further discuss your workshop concept.


EVClub is an one-stop shop to see and discuss some of the latest EV developments. In this virtual event featuring peer-reviewed manuscripts, preprints, and the occasional unpublished study, results are typically shared by the authors themselves, followed by moderated discussion with the audience. EVClub was established and is run by Ken Witwer with the endorsement of ISEV and with input from ISEV board members, the Student Network on EVs, and various local EV societies.