ISEV is proud to lead educational efforts in the EV field by producing high quality meetings and workshops, the EV Club online journal club, MISEV guidelines, and self-guided educational activities. We are currently working on a new online portal for your EV educational needs. While this is developed, please browse these resources and links, and don't hesitate to reach out to our Education Committee if you need particular guidance on where to find useful EV information.


A MOOC course is a massively open online course, a term for a self-guided educational activity. ISEV has two MOOC courses hosted on the Coursera website, where you can enroll for free and track your participation in the two MOOC courses at your own pace. The third and newest MOOC course is hosted on YouTube, allowing for a more flexible learning format. The ISEV MOOCs are an excellent way to take an in-depth examination of course content and a comprehensive overview of the course topic.

MOOCIIconBasics of Extracellular Vesicles 

Course Organized by: Cecilia Lasser
Launched in: 2016
Estimated Length to Complete: 11 hours
Brief Description: This course aims to provide the basic knowledge about extracellular vesicles (EV) a generic term including exosomes, microvesicles, microparticles, ectosomes, oncosomes, prostasomes, and many others. It covers areas such as EV history, nomenclature, biogenesis, EV cargo as well as the release and uptake mechanisms, collection and processing prior to isolation, different isolation methods, characterization and quantification techniques.

MOOCIIIconExtracellular Vesicles in Health and Disease 

Course Organized by: Carolina Soekmadji
Launched in: 2019
Estimated Length to Complete: 11 hours
Brief Description: This course aims to provide current understanding about extracellular vesicles (EVs) and their role in health and diseases. The EVs are known to be involved in cell to cell communication. Apart from maintaining normal cell physiology, EVs deliver messages that can drive or influence the progression of a disease. This course discusses recent advances made in the field to give an introduction on their function in health as well as in disease.

MOOCIIIIconDetection and Isolation of Intact Extracellular Vesicles

Course Organized by: Rienk Nieuwland and Edwin van der Pol
Launched in: 2023


ISEV Suggested Resources

We will be adding additional resources suggested by ISEV's Education Committee.