ISEV's MOOC III (Educational Videos)

Detection and isolation of intact extracellular vesicles

This is ISEV's third massive online open course (MOOC), introduced in 2023 and organized by the ISEV Education Committee under supervision of Rienk Nieuwland and Edwin van der Pol. Linked presentation titles below will open in YouTube in a new window.


  1. Extracellular vesicle essentials by Edwin van der Pol and Rienk Nieuwland (expected in June)
  2. Detection
    1. Multiple particle detection
      1. Surface
      2. Suspension
        • Analytical centrifugation (vacant)
        • Dynamic light scattering (vacant)
        • Multi-angle light scattering (vacant)
    2. Single particle detection
      1. Microscopy
        • Atomic force microscopy by Daan Vorselen
        • Electron microscopy by Alain Brisson, Veronika Kralj-Iglic and Yeshayahu Talmon (expected in June)
        • Optical microscopy
          • Fluorescence by Charles Lai (expected in June)
          • Single particle interferometric reflectance imaging sensor by Olesia Gololobova and Kenneth Witwer (expected in June)
          • Single molecule localization microscopy by Tijana Jovanovic-Talisman
      2. Suspension
        • Flow cytometry by Joanne Lannigan (expected in June)
        • Nanoparticle tracking analysis by Edwin van der Pol (expected in June)
        • Resistive pulse sensing by Edwin van der Pol (expected in June)
  3. Isolation
    1. Multiple particle isolation
      1. Surface
      2. Suspension
    2. Single particle isolation
      • Flow cytometry sorting by Joshua Welsh and Jennifer Jones (expected in June)
  4. Future developments