ISEV's MOOC III (Educational Videos)

Detection and isolation of intact extracellular vesicles

This is ISEV's third massive online open course (MOOC), introduced in 2023 and organized by the ISEV Education Committee under supervision of Rienk Nieuwland and Edwin van der Pol. Linked presentation titles below will open in YouTube in a new window.

This course aims to provide essential knowledge that is needed to understand how detection and isolation methods of extracellular vesicles (EVs) really work. The goal is to add new contributions over time since new detection and isolation methods are still being developed.

All ISEV members are invited to contribute to this course by providing recorded presentations on new developments on detection and isolation methods of EVs. Please e-mail [email protected] before you start recording to ensure your topic is not already covered. Recording instructions and template slides are available here. Contributions should not contain any commercial content and will be reviewed by members of the ISEV Educational Committee.


  1. Extracellular vesicle essentials by Edwin van der Pol and Rienk Nieuwland (expected Q4 2023)
  2. Detection
    1. Multiple particle detection
      1. Surface
      2. Suspension
        • Analytical centrifugation (vacant)
        • Dynamic light scattering (vacant)
        • Multi-angle light scattering (vacant)
    2. Single particle detection
      1. Microscopy
      2. Suspension
        • Flow cytometry by Joanne Lannigan (expected Q4 2023)
        • Nanoparticle tracking analysis by Edwin van der Pol (expected Q4 2023)
        • Resistive pulse sensing by Edwin van der Pol (expected Q4 2023)
  3. Isolation
    1. Multiple particle isolation
      1. Surface
      2. Suspension
    2. Single particle isolation
      • Flow cytometry sorting by Joshua Welsh and Jennifer Jones (expected Q4 2023)
  4. Future developments