About our Committees

ISEV's Committees are led by tireless volunteers who dedicated time and energy to advancing ISEV's interests and programs. Through these committees, ISEV increases awareness about society and EV research. Getting involved in a committee is a great way to gain leadership skills and to give back to the ISEV.

Science and Meetings Committee
Led by Metka Lenassi, the ISEV Science and Meetings Committee's portfolio of work includes ISEV Annual Meetings and Workshops.
Rigor and Standardization Sub-Committee
Aligned as a sub-committee of Science and Meetings, this group continues to refine ISEV's standards on rigor and standardization in EV Research.
Education Committee

Led by Rienk Nieuwland, the Education Committee programs ISEV's Education Day, has developed MOOCs I and II, and recently launched the ISEV Online Education Platform.

Communications and Membership Committee
Led by Ana Claudia Torrechilas, Communications and Membership oversees ISEV's various communication channels and membership development.