ISEV's Committees are led by tireless volunteers who dedicated time and energy to advancing ISEV's interests and programs. Through these committees, ISEV increases awareness about society and EV research. Getting involved in a committee is a great way to gain leadership skills and to give back to ISEV.

Science and Meetings Committee

Led by Metka Lenassi, the ISEV Science and Meetings Committee's portfolio of work includes overseeing all ISEV scientific events and supporting initiatives that facilitate EV discoveries.

Committee Members: 

Andreas Moller (Executive Chair, Meetings and Programs)
Deborah Goberdhan (Secretary General)
My Mahoney (Board of Directors)
Naveed Akbar (Board of Directors)
Yiyao Huang (Board of Directors)

The ISEV Science and Meetings Committee proposes operational guidelines, nominates meeting chairs and oversees organization of all ISEV scientific events and joint meetings with other societies or groups, including annual and specialized meetings, workshops and virtual events. The committee supports and promotes scientific progress in the EV field by facilitating (i) reproducibility of EV research through Rigor & Standardization subcommittee activities, (ii) advancement of specific EV research areas through Special Interest Groups initiative, and (iii) dissemination of new discoveries through EV Club and ISEV YouTube channel.

Rigor and Standardization Sub-Committee

Aligned as a sub-committee of Science and Meetings, this group continues to refine ISEV's standards on rigor and standardization in EV Research. Visit the Rigor & Standardization page to find out more about our wide range of task forces and activities!

Education Committee

Led by Rienk Nieuwland, the Education Committee programs ISEV's Education Day, has developed MOOCs I and II, and recently launched the ISEV Online Education Platform.

Committee Members: 
Randy Carney (Executive Chair, Education)
Sara Veiga (Board of Directors)
Young-Eun Cho (Board of Directors)

The ISEV Education Committee initiates activities that provide structured, scientifically sound, and state-of-the-art information regarding extracellular vesicles (EVs) and EV research. The committee aims to facilitate these activities in a manner that can keep up with new development in the rapidly evolving field of EVs. 

Activities include:

  • Supporting development of the Education Day program held during the ISEV Annual Meeting
  • Developing free-of-charge and open access massive open online courses
  • Designing an online platform with peer-reviewed state-of-the-art information regarding detection and isolation methods in video and text formats
  • Co-organizing educational workshops

The Educational Committee is composed of an Executive Chair who serves on the ISEV Executive Committee, and members who are appointed from the ISEV Board of Directors. 

Communications and Membership Committee

Led by Ana Claudia Torrechilas, Communications and Membership oversees ISEV's various communication channels and membership development.

Committee Members:
Ana Claudia Torrecilhas (Executive Chair, Communications)
Edit Buzas (Past President)
Dylan Burger (Board of Directors)
Sujata Mohanty (Board of Directors)
Suresh Mathivanan (Board of Directors)
Tom Driedonks (Board of Directors)
Yunxi Chen (Non-Board/Webmaster)

The ISEV Communications and Membership Committee plays a crucial role in overseeing internal and external communications, as well as marketing initiatives. This committee ensures the consistent implementation of communication and marketing strategies on an annual basis. The committee is also responsible for membership retention efforts and new member recruitment, as well as coordinating with the Science and Meetings Committee and relevant conference international organizing committees to develop meeting advertisements. The ISEV Communications team holds the responsibility of regularly updating the E-newsletter, maintaining the social media platforms and ISEV website, and enhancing the membership experience.