Rigor & Standardization Subcommittee

Juan Manuel Falcon, Co-Chair
Rienk Nieuwland, Co-Chair
Kenneth Witwer
Clotilde Thery

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Current Task Force

Task Force Chair Contact Information
 Bacterial EVs  Nicole Kruh-Garcia; Simon Swift  [email protected][email protected]
 Blood  Rienk Nieuwland  [email protected]
Cerebrospinal Fluid  Julie Saugstad  [email protected] 
Conditioned Medium  Faezeh Shekari  [email protected]
 Milk  Marca Wauben; Martijn van Herwijnen  [email protected][email protected]
Reference Materials  Joshua Welsh; An Hendrix  [email protected][email protected]
 Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Use of EV-based Therapeutics  Eva Rohde  [email protected]
 Saliva  Dave Carter; Cecilia Lasser  [email protected]; [email protected]
 Synovial Fluid  Diego Kyburz; Edveena Hanser  [email protected]; [email protected]
Urine   Uta Erdbrugger  [email protected]


ISEV-ISAC-ISTH-Work Group on EVs