Rigor & Standardization Subcommittee

Rigor and Standardization is a subcommittee of the Science and Meetings Committee. R&S encompasses a variety of task forces which focus on specific topics with the goal of developing and publishing methods, reviews, statements, or other products that are helpful for the field. Task forces work in conjunction with other standing committees within ISEV. ISEV accepts proposals from those who wish to create and lead a new task force.  

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Subcommittee Members

Juan Manuel Falcon
Juan Manuel Falcon
Rienk Niuwland
Rienk Nieuwland
Ken Witwer
Kenneth Witwer

 Clotilde Thery

Clotilde Thery


Current Task Forces

Bacterial EVs Blood Cerebrospinal Fluid Conditioned Medium
Milk Reference Materials Regulatory Affairs Reproduction
Saliva Solid Tissue Synovial Fluid Urine