Bacterial EVs Task Force

All things regarding bacterial extracellular vesicles, especially regarding standards and standardizations for nomenclature, preparation and characterization. (Launched: 2021)

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  • 2021: Bacterial Vesicle survey conducted – sent to experts in the field, and recruited during ISEV 2021 meeting


  • Be ready to produce commentary/translation for bacteria of 2023 MISEV guidelines
  • Revisit topics for working groups, new literature in 2021/2 especially has shifted thinking – nomenclature, “purity” markers, how to prepare BEVs in 2023, resources and reference material


Steven Biller | Cherie Blenkiron | Priscila Dauros Singorenko | Eduard Fadeev | Bin Gong | An Hendrix | Maria Kaparakis-Liaskos | Fatah Kashanchi | Meta Kuehn