ISEV workshop: Blood EVs

Sept 4-6, 2024 in Seoul (South Korea)  

Welcome to the forefront of scientific discourse at the ISEV Workshop: Blood EVs 2024, an integral part of the esteemed ISEV workshop series. Designed for approximately 60-70 participants, our workshops uniquely center around roundtable discussions, fostering collaborative environments where burning questions and challenges related to the state-of-the-art in the thematic field are addressed. These discussions are initiated by expert overviews and short talks selected from abstract submissions, serving as catalysts for the development of impactful products such as position papers, outreach strategies, and regulatory/policy initiatives. We also offer an Education day on blood EVs that is open to the wider audience including online participants (up to 500) to provide general information and guidelines for research activities in the field. 

As a dedicated session of the ISEV workshops, the Blood EVs 2024 is committed to exploring all facets of extracellular vesicles in blood – from isolation and characterization to cutting-edge applications in diagnosis and therapeutics. Immerse yourself in an Education Day followed by two days of workshops featuring engaging talks, roundtable discussions, and networking opportunities with experts in the field.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Advances in Blood EV Purification, Characterization, and Engineering
  • Discovery of Biomarkers in Blood Samples for Diagnosis
  • Novel Therapeutics based on Native and Engineered Blood EVs

IOC members

Jisook Moon (Co-Chair), Le Thi Nguyet Minh (Co-Chair), Jaesung Park, Takahiro Ochiya, Judy (Wai Ping) Yam, Saara Laitinen, Pia Siljander, Rienk Nieuwland, Metka Lenassi

Program Highlights

Education Day (Hybrid): 

Key Topics: Blood EV Origin and Physiology, Uptake and Clearance of EVs in Blood, Blood Sample Collection and Preparation for EV Purification, Understanding Variability of Blood EVs, State-of-the-Art Technologies for EV Purification and Subpopulation Separation, High-Throughput Detection of EV-based Biomarkers in Clinical Blood Samples, Advanced Characterization Methods for Blood EVs, Profiling and Mining EV Databases, Native Therapeutic Potentials of Blood EVs, Engineering Blood EVs for Therapeutic Applications

Day 1: Technologies for Blood EV Isolation, Characterization, and Biomarkers

  • Topic 1: Methods for Isolation and Characterization of Blood EVs
  • Topic 2: Biomarker Discovery and Application in Clinical Diagnosis

Day 2: Functionality and Therapeutic Potential of Blood EVs

  • Topic 1: Functional Characterization of Blood EVs and Applications of their Native Therapeutic Potential
    • Topic 2: Engineering Blood EVs for Drug Delivery

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Event Details

  • Education DaySeptember 4, 2024 (Hybrid)
  • Workshop: September 5-6, 2024 (On-site)

Venue: Royal Hotel Seoul, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea


  • Workshop participation is limited to ISEV members. Sign up on the ISEV website if you're not a member. Registration is free, but participants are responsible for travel and accommodation costs.
  • Education Day (Hybrid)Open to all audiences
  • Workshop: Statement of interest required (may include abstract); abstracts or expertise related to blood EV research will be prioritized.

To apply, please complete the application form by Friday, March 29 2024, 11:59 PM EST. Selected participants will be notified in April 2024.

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