Blood Task Force


This task force exists to improve the reproducibility of EV measurement results in plasma and serum.

Working Groups

  1. Collection, handling and storage of blood extracellular vesicles
  2. Quality controls of plasma and serum 
  3. Quality controls of extracellular vesicles isolated from plasma or serum
  4. Anticoagulants
  5. Blood stabilization tubes
  6. Reference plasma samples 

Chair Contact Info

Rienk Nieuwland 


Federica Anastasi Eric Boilard Edit Buzas Lesley Cheng Aled Clayton
Katharina Clemm von Hohenberg Juan M. Falcon-Perez Paola Gasperini Alice Gualerzi Dakota Gustafson
An Hendrix Andrew Hoffmann Jennifer Jones Lucia Languin Cecilia Lässer
Charlotte Lawson Metka Lenassi Fabrice Lucien-Matteoni Kendra Maass Irina Nazarenko
Rienk Nieuwland Lorraine O'Driscoll Ryan Pink Annie Reale Pia R. Siljander
Carolina Soekmadji Amit Srivastava Marca Wauben Joshua A. Welsh Kenneth Witwer
Lei Zheng        



Other Outputs

  • Several Blood EV TF members involved in organizing the Helsinki Blood EV Workshop (Helsinki, Finland; 2022), ISTH endorsed (showing the interest of a more clinical scientific society on this topic) 
  • Initially, we identified several caveats, including the lack of a roadmap to gain a comprehensive overview of expected challenges (2019), the lack of robust quality controls to improve blood-derived starting material for EV isolation and characterization (hope to publish this early 2023), and now we have a few of the originally identified topics left (i) Anticoagulants, (ii) Blood stabilization tubes, and (iii) Reference plasma samples. Propose to have a discussion at ISEV 2023 amongst the Blood EV TF members which topics we should focus on next.
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