ISEV Board Financial Disclosures

Elected members of the ISEV Board of Directors are required to report any relevant financial relationships with industry. This is done on an annual basis, and leaders are asked to report any new relationships as soon as they arise.  

The following leaders reported the following relevant financial relationships. These disclosures were reviewed and no relationships were found to present a conflict of interest:

  • Edit Buzas, Sphere Gene Therapeutics Inc, (Advisory Board)
  • Kenneth Witwer, Ad hoc private consulting (Consulting Compensation), NeuroDex Inc. (Stock Options), Biotechne (Speaker at Event), AgriScix Inc. (Research Support), Yuvan Research Inc. (Research Support), and Ionis Pharmaceuticals (Research Support)
  • Sai Kiang Lim, Paracine Therapeutics, (Founding Equity)
  • Takahiro Ochiya, Theoria Science Inc., (Salary) 

The following leaders had no financial relationships to report:

  • Ana Claudia Torrecilhas
  • Andreas Moller
  • Benedetta Bussolati
  • Clotilde Thery 
  • Deborah Goberdhan
  • Houjian Cai
  • Joshua Welsh
  • Metka Lenassi
  • My Mahoney
  • Qing-Ling Fu
  • Sujata Mohanty
  • Susmita Sahoo
  • Tom Driedonks