Cerebrospinal Fluid Task Force


Extracellular vesicles (EVs) were described in the mid-20th century, but interest in EVs intensified by reports in the 1970s from several labs that EVs could transfer RNA and protein cargo between cells. Since then EV studies have rapidly and steadily increased given their potential use as biomarkers or therapeutics for human diseases, including neurological diseases and disorders. The goal of the CSF EV task force is to develop recommendations for rigor and standardization of CSF EV studies based on a survey of current practices and procedures, and a comprehensive review of published studies.

Working Groups

  1. CSF Collection, Processing and Storage
  2. CSF EV:
  • Enrichment
  • Size & Number
  • Protein Analysis
  • RNA Analysis
  • Glycomic, Lipidomic, and Metabolomic Analysis
  • Functional Assays

Chair Contact Info


Júlia Costa | Beth Coyle | Juan M. Falcón-Perez | Andrew Hill | Tsuneya Ikezu | Hannah Jackson | Setty Magana | Trevor McFarland | Lisette Retana Moreira | Rienk Nieuwland | John Nolan | Paola Loreto Palacio | Joanna Palade | Joseph Quinn | Ursula Sandau | Julie Saugstad | Eric Sribnick | Huaqi Su | Kendall Van Keuren-Jensen | Laura Vella | Kostas Vekrellis


Other Outputs

  • CSF EV survey and data analysis
  • Literature curation and review (>160 CSF EV original research articles), September 2022

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