ISEV Board Renewal: Solicitation of Applications for Officer Positions

Dear ISEV community,

Election for a new ISEV board takes place every 2 years, and the newly elected board is appointed during the General Assembly (GA) at the ISEV annual meeting. The ISEV board includes i) an Executive Committee (EC) with 8 members and ii) 9 Members at Large (MaL). The ISEV election is held in two steps: first to recruit the EC committee (in Dec-February) followed by for the MaLs (in March-April). As per the ISEV bylaws, a committee that includes the Past President not serving in EC and the current General Secretary with one additional ISEV and one non-ISEV member oversees this task. Talley Management Group (TMG) is executing the process on behalf of ISEV.

This survey solicits applications to Officer positions in the ISEV Executive Committee (EC) with two-year terms* (except the President position) beginning at the General Assembly of ISEV2024.  Please note that we are only accepting self-nominations. Applicants may only apply for maximum two positions.

The available Officer positions for which we seek applications are:

●      President-Elect (works closely with the President in all matters, and assumes the President position after two years)

●      Secretary-General (chief administrative officer of ISEV, involved in organizational activities)

●      Treasurer (oversees ISEV’s finances)

●      Executive Chair of Science and Journals (oversees the growth of ISEV’s Special Interest Groups, the Rigor and Standardization Subcommittee, Journals JEV and J Ex Bio)

●      Executive Chair of Meetings and Programs (oversees ISEV meetings and workshops and the scientific programing)

●      Executive Chair of Education (oversees all public educational activities of ISEV, including MOOC, new contents, policies, programs and their dissemination, MISEV, etc.)

●      Executive Chair of Communications and Membership (oversees strategic initiatives and external communication with the society, global EV network (GEVN), early career involvement, webpages, media, software, internal communications etc.)

●      Executive Chair of Translation, Regulation and Advocacy (oversees partnerships with research and clinical societies, regulatory, policymaking, funding agencies, and industries)

*NEW POSITIONS: The ISEV Board of Directors proposes changes to the Bylaws that would create several new positions on the Board. Two of these positions are split from the existing Executive Chair of Science and Meetings into two separate positions, the ‘Executive Chair of Science and Journals’ and the ‘Executive Chair of Meetings and Programs’ due to increased responsibilities. We also propose to add a new Executive Chair position on “Translation, Regulation and Advocacy” to initiate partnership with clinical societies, funding agencies, and regulatory bodies. These new roles will not be formally approved until the ISEV2024 Annual Meeting when the proposed bylaw change is voted on by members. To streamline the process, ISEV is accepting nominations for the new positions and will fill them if they are passed during the General Assembly at ISEV2024.

If you would like to apply for any Officer position, please complete this survey by 3 January 2024 5pm ET. If you know of someone who you feel should apply, please contact them directly and share this survey.