Large Extracellular Vesicles

This is the first ISEV workshop focused on Large EVs, generally referred to as EVs >200 nm in diameter with no strict consensus. In light of recent discoveries on EV heterogeneity, L-EVs have acquired increasing interest among scientists in all fields of EV research, including basic science and translation. You might be familiar with the following terminology describing large EVs: ectosomes, microvesicles, microparticles, oncosomes, migrasomes, apoptotic bodies and other.

The aim of the workshop is to define large EVs and deepen our knowledge about the methodologies for L-EV isolation and characterization, the mechanisms of biogenesis and cargo selection, to discuss challenges and to facilitate new technologies to better study and understand L-EVs. 

Short talks and round-table discussions will revolve around four main topics:
Topic 1: EV heterogeneity: What are Large-EVs (L-EVs) and how do we study them?
Here, we will focus on (i) L-EV definition, (ii) L-EV biophysical properties, (iii) EV isolation methods (including population selection/enrichment), and (iv) future research questions.
Topic 2: L-EV Biogenesis: How are L-EVs formed and what is the process of cargo selection and packaging of L-EVs?
Here we will focus on focus on (i) biogenesis and cargo selection of L-EVs and (ii) discussions on the location of the cargo (inside, outside) on single EVs.
Topic 3: L-EV functions: What is the biological relevance of L-EVs?
Here we will focus on (i) known and predicted functions of L-EVs, (ii) L-EV biological and clinical relevance (including roles in Cancer and other diseases).
Topic 4: L-EV Technology & Current Obstacles: Where we are and what needs to be done to better study and understand L-EVs?
Here we will focus on (i) new technologies for capture, imaging and characterization of L-EVs.


The in-person workshop will be held at The Blackwell Inn and Conference Center, Columbus, Ohio (USA) from March 4-5 2024. 

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ISEV has secured special room rates at the Blackwell inn hotel, which is connected to the venue. Please book online through the following link: ISEV Conference/Workshop (code ISEVMAR24) or call 614-247-4000 to make reservations. When making reservation by phone, please refer to the ISEV Workshop. 

If there are any issues making reservations online (might happen if you book extra days), please call the hotel directly to make their reservation. There should be enough rooms to accommodate everyone.   

The deadline for special room rates is Monday, February 5th, 2024.

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