Reference Materials Task Force

This group aims to seek standardization in the development and use of calibration, validation, and quality control  reference materials for cross-platform EV measurements. These measurement metrics include, but are not limited to: diameter distribution, concentration, epitope expression, epitope density, and refractive index. Standardization of reporting and measuring these EV metrics shall be assessed through cross-platform, inter-institutional standardization studies and discussion. These data and discussions will culminate in the generation of educational resources and literature for the field.”

Co-Chairs Contact Info
Joshua Welsh
[email protected]
An Hendrix
[email protected]

Task Force Manuscript


Randy Carney
André Görgens
Jennifer Jones
Hakho Lee
John Nolan
Anna Nowocin
Vera Tang
Edwin van der Pol
Zoltan Varga
Wyatt Vreeland
Lili Wang
Ken Witwer