Regulatory Affairs Task Force

The ‘Task Force on Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Use of EV-based Therapeutics‘ would like to work with stakeholders from regulatory authorities, academia, clinical research and other research institutions to contribute to the development of applicable regulatory guidance. We hope to jointly accelerate achieving the ultimate goal of a safe and efficient evaluation of EVs in clinical studies and eventually developing proven EV-based therapeutics. In pursuit of this goal, the Task Force and other ISEV members can serve as a valuable expert resource for basic and clinical researchers and for representatives of regulatory bodies.

Contact Info
Eva Rohde
[email protected]

Marta Monguió
[email protected]



Jonathon Anderson
Francesc E. Borras
Benedetta Bussolati

Edit Buzas
Dave Carter

Rachel Ciccocioppo
Owen Davies

Juan M. Falcon-Perez

Bernd Giebel

Mario Gimona
Rebecca Lim
Sai Kiang Lim

Marta Monguió-Tortajada

Anna Nowocin
Lorraine O'Driscoll
Xenia Sango
Ralf Sanzenbacher

Hidetoshi Tahara
Clotilde Thery

Wei Seong Toh
Marca Wauben

Daniel Weiss
Kenneth Witwer

Authority Representatives
Ilona Reischl
Ralf Sanzenbacher