Synovial Fluid Task Force

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) in Rheumatic diseases have gained huge interest in both basic and translational research over the last two decades. The exponential growth in research is attributed to their unique properties for intercellular communication, carrying important cargo, therapeutic potential as biomarker of prognosis, diagnosis (liquid biopsies) and as a drug delivery vehicle.

In the synovial fluid (SF) task force, we aim to discuss topics specific for SF EVs research. With research experts both from academia and clinical context, we intend to address SF EVs specific challenges regarding collection, handling, processing, storage, experimental framework and reporting. The goal is to standardize procedures in SF EVs research for the consistency, reproducibility and comparability of data among scientific communities.

Co-Chairs Contact Info

Edveena Hanser
Diego Kyburz


  1. Recruitment of members for the SF task force
  2. Preparation of a survey on synovial fluid EV research

Daniele D'Arrigo
Éric Boilard
Andrew Foers
Edveena Hanser
Diego Kyburz
Fons van de Loo
Diana Maria Castano Monsalve
Attur Mukundan
Daniele Noel
Mandy Peffers
Mauro Perretti
Laura Varela Pinzon
Marca Wauben