Blood EV Workshop

"Blood EVs" is an ISEV Workshop on all things related to extracellular vesicles of blood: how to obtain, profile, and use them. The event will be held in Helsinki, Finland, from 1-2 September 2022 and will be preceded by an Education Day on 31 August. The Workshop will be in-person only, but there will be a virtual option for Education Day. Based on the discussions, there will be a paper prepared on the topic.

The application deadline was Friday, June 24, 2022, 11:59 PM EDT (GMT-4). Please note that applications with abstracts/data/proposed presentations will be prioritized.

Please note that registration to this workshop is free.

Download the full program or view below. Short talks and roundtable discussions will revolve around four themes:

Day 1. Blood EVs as biomarkers

  • Roundtable 1) Blood as matrix, choosing the sample analytics
  • Roundtable 2) Development of diagnostics, towards clinical feasibility

Day 2. Blood EVs as therapeutics

  • Roundtable 3) Decades of knowledge in transfusion medicine: benefits and disadvantages of blood EVs
  • Roundtable 4) Regulation of novel blood-based nanomedicines

Approximately 50 Workshop participants will be selected to attend the meeting and will be notified by early to mid-July. 

Only ISEV members may attend; if you are not a member, please visit to sign up. A poll on EV practices will be sent out in advance of the meeting. 

 Workshop Chairs and Organizing Committee
Saara Laitinen
Pia Siljander
Sami Valkonen
Metka Lenassi
Ken Witwer
Rienk Nieuwland

Full Program:

Educational Day
Wednesday 31.8.2022
“Getting the blood-derived EVs into the clinics. From single - to multicenter studies”
Moderator Rienk Nieuwland AMC, The Netherlands & TBA


  • Consideration of blood sampling (anticoagulation)
  • Effectors of plasma EV preparations (e.g. residual platelets, lipoproteins, protein)
  • Roadmap to improve the quality - towards QC

Refreshments and break

Analytics for different applications

  • What determinants we need to monitor and how?
  • Same EVs with different information: know your sample and your aim re isolation
  • Approaching clinical feasibility?

LUNCH 13.00-14.00

Applications of blood-derived EVs

  • Blood EVs as biomarkers
  • Concentration, composition, function
  • Blood product-derived EV -based products
  • Reference materials, biologicals, drug formulations

Company presentations and results from blood EV analyses
19.00 Welcome reception in Hotel Arthur

DAY 1 Program Blood EVs as Biomarkers
Thursday 1.9.2022
Use of Blood - prerequisites
Moderator Pia Siljander & TBA, University of Helsinki

9.00-12.00 Morning Session

Summary from Educational day as an introduction: Blood as a matrix of EVs

  • Different analyses give different information on EVs
  • Sample quality and analytical choice based on aim
  • Wrap-up of results from different analyses by companies

Selected talks based on abstracts


  • Blood as matrix, choosing the sample analytics, other based on abstracts

Wrap up the roundtables

LUNCH 12.00-13.00

13.00-17.00 Afternoon Session

Blood-derived EV Biomarkers - where are we at?

  • Discovery of biomarkers
  • Clinical use of diagnostics

 Selected talks based on abstracts


  • Development of diagnostics towards clinical feasibility

Wrap up the roundtables

DAY 2 Program Blood EVs as Therapeutics
Friday 2.9.2022
Moderator Saara Laitinen & TBA, Finnish Red Cross Blood Service

 9.00 - 12.00 Morning session

Systemic delivery to target tissues – blood EVs

  • Standing on the shoulders of giants, decades of transfusion knowledge
  • Blood group and tissue type: challenge or opportunity?
  • Artificial EV-inspired mimetics for drug delivery

Selected talks based on abstracts


  • Benefits and disadvantages of using blood EVs as therapeutics

 Wrap up the roundtables

LUNCH 12.00 – 13.00

 13.00-17.00 Afternoon Session

Red blood cell -derived nanobiotechnology

  • Key benefits /disadvantages of RBC derived EV
  • Technologies for loading and targeting of RBC EVs

Selected talks based on abstracts


  • Regulation of novel blood-based nanomedicines
  • What should we have discussed and what next?
  • Wrap up of the three days’ into possible deliverables

 Planned deliverables of the Workshop:

  • Impact and considerations of technological choices on blood EV analyses (data from blood EVs and sponsor analytics, survey, roundtable outcomes)
  • Therapeutic use of blood cell -derived EVs